Conservative debt ceiling ad warns of future ‘economic slavery’

July 30th, 2011

(RawStory) – An advertisement launched by a conservative group on Wednesday warns that the United States will be taken over by its creditors, presumably China, unless the federal budget is cut.

In the ad, launched by the American Future Fund, a woman from the future sends a message to present-day Americans, warning of the coming “economic slavery.”

“This is a warning from the future. America’s future,” she says. “The people who loaned us trillions of dollars – now control us. You spent and borrowed far more than the next generation could repay. Now they live in economic slavery.”

“Please, there is still time, I’m begging you,” the woman says before being dragged away by paramilitary officers.

Watch the ad, uploaded to YouTube July 27, 2011, below:

Full article here

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