Graphic 9/11 Coloring Book Teaching Kids ‘Truth’ About Terrorism Full Of Lies And Propaganda

August 17th, 2011

(HigginsBlog) – A new 9/11 coloring book claiming to teach kids the truth about terrorism instead uses lies and propaganda to brainwash the next generation to support illegal perpetual wars.

Government propagandists have released a new 9/11 coloring book that is supposed to begin teaching our children the “truth” about terrorism.

The coloring book  is aimed at convincing children as young as 3 years old that illegal perpetual wars are necessary to protect American freedoms. While containing controversial and objectionable graphic content it has some how been slapped with a PG rating.

The book is full of half-truths, outright lies,  and a distorted perception of reality that will breed deep-seeded hatred against Muslims in American children. It also serves to desensitize our children to the illegal terrorist activities being performed by our own government.


Common Dreams reports:

9/11 Coloring Book Tells Kids ‘Truth’ About Terrorism

9/11 Propaganda Coloring Book To Teach Children The "Truth" About Terrorism9/11 Propaganda Coloring Book To Teach Children The “Truth” About Terrorism


From David Taintor at Talking Points Memo:

First, they brought you a tea party coloring book. Now the publisher is back with more fun for the whole family.

Just in time for the 10th anniversary of September 11, Really Big Coloring Books, Inc., has released “We Shall Never Forget 9/11″ — a “serious children’s book,” according to the release. In the book, kids will learn “what happens when a terrorist who orders others to bomb our peace loving wonderful nation” and that “terrorism is human made and is very old; it comes in people of all shapes, sizes, and colors.”

Really Big Coloring Books publisher Wayne Bell told TPM that when children are exposed to the events on 9/11 — usually through two-hour specials on cable news — there is a sense of “fright” that the events are ongoing.

The coloring book, Bell said, is “basically a representation of what happened” on 9/11. “It’s a clean, honest read,” he said. “It’s not degrading or anything like that.’

The book carries a “PG” rating, and there is one page that depicts the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan. The image shows a Navy SEAL firing at bin Laden.

Bell said people’s feedback to that page has been positive. Parents tell him that when they show their kids that image, they understand that “we got him.”

“If you bomb our country, America will chase you ’til the very end,” he said. “That’s what it shows.”

While the subject matter certainly carries an emotional charge, Bell insists it’s not ideological. Bell described himself as a “very liberal” guy, and his company has published all types of books: an Obama coloring book, a dinosaurs coloring book and many books in Spanish.

“We publish books based on the American landscape,” he said.

See a page from the coloring book below:

Page From 9/11 "Truth" Coloring Book Used To Teach Children Lies And Spread Muslim HatredPage From 9/11 “Truth” Coloring Book Used To Teach Children Lies And Spread Muslim Hatred


Clearly the page shows this coloring book, which is supposed to teach our children the truth about terrorism, doesn’t stick to the truth.

For example, the page reads that  “In Bin Laden’s house in Pakistan, Osama used his wives and children as shields as he tried to escape and get away from the American Military”. That is an outright lie told by the government and ran with by the corporate media with out fact checking because it made for great headlines.

The fact is the White House redacted the story of Bin Laden using his wife as shield as being untrue and furthermore the coloring book adds its own lie by saying Bin Laden used his children as shields.

I could point to my own posts to document the statement is the lie some people only believe the corporate media so here are the first 5 google results  for bin laden did not use wife as shield..

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The statement “throwing his body into the sea showed him more respect than he showed to the people who died on 9/11″ is a biased opinion which may or may not be true.

So is the statement “Children, the truth is, these terrorist acts were done by freedom-hating radical Islamic Muslim extremists.” Even if you are of the OPINION that Muslim extremists conducted the attacks — remember our government has not presented and evidence or proof about the attacks due to national security claims — charging them as “freedom-hating” is another opinion. Many will argue it is not America’s freedom that Muslims hate, it is the oppression, murder and exploitation of their people by the GOVERNMENT that they hate.

The book then goes on to say “free to think, free to be honest, free to write, free to live as we wish.”

If the authors really cared about our country and our freedom they would teach our children such propaganda from the government is lies.

The government is actively pursuing thought crimes, so we are not free to think.

Tell Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, and other whistle-blowers, such as women facing criminal charges video taping for the police beating a man for 20 minutes, that we are free to be honest.

We are not free to write either. Freedom of Press and Freedom of Speech is constantly attacked and the government routinely uses national security to gag what people write, even about issues such as the risks radiation poses to the public.

The truth is we are free to live as the government wishes we live – as a slave to debt to fund the illegal perpetual wars that serve the interest of bankers.

Source: Alexander Higgins Blog

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