BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials – September 8, 2011

September 9th, 2011

(BoilingFrogsPost) – New Law Would Shift All Terror Suspects to Military Instead of Civilian Authority, Blowback in Somalia, Council of Europe Praises Manning & Wikileaks, Leon Panetta Fear Mongering: Cites Yemen in Warning for Another 9/11, States Offer Bank Immunity From Mortgage Lawsuit, Pepe Escobar: Enduring Freedom Forever, Afghanistan: A Decade after 9/11, Uzbekistan: US Embassy in Tashkent Down on Democratization-Wikileaks, Libya & Mainstream Pundits, Super Congress Super Patrons & More!

BFP Nightly Quote

“All that is needed to set us definitely on the road to a Fascist society is war. It will of course be a modified form of Fascism at first.” – John T. Flynn

International Newsworthy

US Drone Strikes Kill Ten & Wound Dozens in Yemen 

The Missing Stockpile of Weapons in Libya

Sudan Arrests Al Jazeera Journalist

Blowback in Somalia

Uzbekistan: US Embassy in Tashkent down on Democratization-Wikileaks

Turkey: ‘Israel Not Keeping to Defense Deals’

Council of Europe Praises Manning & Wikileaks

North Korea & the Genocide Convention

Israel Used Excessive & Unreasonable Force: Palmer Report

 * * * *

National Newsworthy

New Law Would Shift All Terror Suspects to Military Instead of Civilian Authority

US Names “Aid Czar” for Post-Revolt Arab States

Congressional Hawks Push for Much Bigger US Force in Iraq

Leon Panetta Fear Mongering: He Cites Yemen in Warning for Another 9/11

National Archives Sits on 9/11 Commission Reports

Super Congress Super Patrons

Council of Europe Digs for Truth on CIA Prisons-Torture?

Obama’s Trifecta of Economic Ineptitude

States Offer Bank Immunity from Mortgage Lawsuit

Obama Wants to ‘Spend another $300 Billion’

* * * *

Noteworthy Editorials

Pepe Escobar: Enduring Freedom Forever

Afghanistan: A Decade after 9/11

Worried About Big Government? Then, Worry About War

Libya & Mainstream Pundits

Ten Years Later: Who is Osama Bin Laden

* * * *

BFP Funnies

“Mitt Romney revealed a 59-point job plan at a big auto dealership. That shows you how smart Romney is. He knows that a politician only looks honest when he’s standing next to a car salesman.” –Jay Leno

American Voices: Post Office Nearly Bankrupt!


Rudy Giuliani: “I wouldn’t Lock Up Jamie Dimon, Huge Wall Street Bonuses are Wonderful! They Helped me Balance my Bloated Budget!”

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BFP Nightly Video Potpourri
Video 1: James Corbett: After 9/11- 10 Years of War

Video 2: Will Jobs Plan Put Americans to Work?

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