Economy 10-23-11

October 23rd, 2011

(ZeroHedge) – European Finance Ministers Driven To Despair As Reality Returns – Read More Here

REPOST – (DailyBail) – HOLY BAILOUT – Federal Reserve Now Backstopping $75 Trillion Of Bank Of America’s Derivatives Trades – Read More Here

(ZeroHedge) – Goldman Sees An “Unusually Uncertain” Future And Another Debt Ceiling Hike Just In Time For The Presidential Election – Read More Here

(BusinessInsider) – ALL-TIME LOW: Obama’s Job Approval Average Plummets – Read More Here


(AJC) – FED’s Backs BoA’s $75 Trillion Toxic Assets: Nightly News Report

Alex covers the rapidly deteriorating economy and a Bank of America scheme to have the Federal Reserve backstop $75 trillion in derivatives and thus seriously endanger FDIC-insured bank deposits in the process.

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