The US Senate is About to Declare War on Freedom and the American People

November 28th, 2011

(LoneStarWatchdog) – This bill S-1867 should send chill down the spines of all people no matter what the political persuasion is. Senator John McCain, Cal Levin and willing supporter Lindsey Graham who support this bill need to be recalled by their state Legislatures to see if these men are fit to hold office when not in session. Put them on house arrest until a grand jury completes its investigation, never to return to Washington. This bill gives the US Military the green light to arrest American citizens on American soil without being charged or without a trial. The right to Habeas Corpus is no more under this bill.

S-1867 is going to a full vote on the floor of the Senate next week after passing a cloture procedure vote. This bill was passed by committee in secret behind closed doors without a public hearing. I can see why the secrecy. It is because because these men see the American streets as a battlefield because they see the people as the enemy now because we threatens their power. Why because these politicians have sold their soul and their country out for power. This bill is an act treason. I will dare say the word treason because these senators are traitors to our lives, our safety and security.

This bill also repeals the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 that prohibits US Military to be deployed on the streets of America to be used as a police force. Now I know why the founders were so dead set against having a standing army. It is because of this reason the Army, can be used to oppress the American people. Abe Lincoln used the Union Army to arrest journalist, state legislators and even shut down the congress. Suspending the right of habeas corpus should be real frightening to everyone. To the governors, mayors, county sheriff, police officers. all local politicians and state legislators should really pay attention. They better find out really fast that none of them are safe if this bill becomes law. We can see Soldiers or Marines coming to arrest any local or state politicians that stands in the way.

This proposed legislation going to the Senate Floor for a full vote this week. If this Bill passes and signed into law will be icing on the cake for the tyrants to drop the hammer hard on the American people. Put together with President Bush’s signing PD-51, the Military Commissions Act and the John Warner Defense Authorization Bill. It is a recipe for disaster ready to happen.This is the Patriot Act on steroids, so we must have this bill stopped in its tracks. We are going to have to start taking steps to remove entrenched politicians in the US Senate from office by all legal means possible. If they are not removed, they will keep trying until they get what they want. This bill is criminal, they are fighting words against the American people. These people in Washington want to hold onto power and have no interest in the people’s best interest anymore. We are the ones who stand in the way.

What really should have every person’s hair stand on the back of their neck is no one is safe. Not only will the Army, Marines and foreign troops be used to arrest dissidents. These powers could be expanded to even arrest Obama’s useful idiots who supported this madness. In any tyranny, no one is safe. Not even the troops or the enforcers. This power could be used to remove people from their homes in rural areas and relocate them to the big cities under UN Agenda 21. Washington DC is now becoming unhinged because the people are waking up and if they do not try to send a chilling effect into the population. They all could be going to jail for treason and fraud.

The International banking cartel cannot implode this economy unless the population is controlled by force or by fraud. Since now the American people are looking past the puppets and seeing the real power who are the Banking establishment. They ruling class knows their time is short. This is not a move of over confidence by the goverment to oppress the population. This is desperation because the window of opportunity is closing on their New World Order. Even if this bill is passed. There will be resistance within the Military and among the several states to this new power to use the troops in this new capacity. I can see the some State Governors setting up state guards or recalling their national guard units to protect the people in the states from Federal power. This were we can see a lot of blow back not only from the people, but within the Military and the States too.

This should have every enlisted person to commissioned officer thinking twice about following orders arresting American citizens. Why because once their enlistment term ends or an officer leaves his post and no longer accepts another commission. They are now veterans, under Homeland Security reports. They have become possible enemies of the state or domestic terrorist. The US goverment has abandoned the veterans and no longer takes care of them. The US goverment has robbed countless families of death benefits and much needed treatment to service related injuries. This very government that is going to betray the American people has betrayed Military and the Veterans. They better make a choice while they still have the right to say “no” This is a wait and see game. I just pray the we all do what is right if we are faced with the tough choice dealing with a unhinged Federal Government who just declared war on us.

Source: LoneStarWatchdog

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