Alan Watt ‘Cutting Through The Matrix’ – December 6th, 2011

December 7th, 2011

Topics: Con of Money and Banking – “Wild” Predatory Elite – Technocracy Doctrine, World Run by Experts – US Debt Topped 15 Trillion in November – Communitarianism and Local Commissars – Patient Data given to Private Companies – Devaluation of Human Life – Lobbying Firms’ Access to Politicians – Gov. Ramping up Use of Force, SWAT Raids, Authoritarianism – Society has Copied Movies and Video Games – US Assets to be Sold Off – Taxpayer-Funded “Green” Electric Car Companies – Formation of Latin-America Bloc – Sexual Abuse of Children in Hollywood. Geoengineering Agenda, Atmospheric Spraying of Metallic Particles, Global Dimming and Health Effects.

Topics of show covered in following links:

US Debt Topped 15 Trillion Dollars in November

Every NHS Patient to be a Research Patient as Private Companies get Access to Everyone’s Private Records

FDA Considering Putting Abortion Pill on Supermarket Shelves

Large Government Lobbying Company Secretly Recorded

Why Government is Ramping up Use of Force

China Wants US Assets

Watching the Wheels Come Off Green Machine

New Bloc of Latin-American nations

Chavez Hails New Regional Alliance

Israeli Advertising Campaign Aimed at US Israelis angers Jewish Americans

Sexual Abuse of Children in Hollywood

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