Alan Watt ‘Cutting Through The Matrix’ – December 21st, 2011

December 22nd, 2011

Information Dominance: Information Dominance Trains Your Views, So When War Begins its Hardly News

There’s a War of Perception Always in the News,
Just Ask General Petraeus for His Views,
Departments of Warfare Working On Your Head,
Propaganda Ensures Where You are Led,
Repetitive Lies are Meant to Train,
Wars Being Inevitable, Inside Your Brain,
The First Casualty of War is Truth, Then Sense,
Your Mind Prepared by Department of Defence,
Seems Normal for Gun-Sights to Move Nation to Nation,
As Memory is Deleted from Propaganda’s Equation

Topics: Technology Altering Society – IBM – Brain-Computer Interfaces, Mind Reading, Retinal Scans and Voiceprints US Deaths Tied to Fukushima Disaster – Government-Subsidized Sustainability Business, Electric Cars – Israel Upset at UN Security Council – Police Armed for War with Military Equipment – Novartis Pharmaceuticals Preparing for Pandemic – Pro-War with Iran Propaganda – Pentagon’s “War of Perceptions” – UK, Rioting Arsonists to be Shot with Live Rounds – Smart Meters to Double Cost of Electricity – Weaponized Bird Flu – Public Adaptation. Legend of King Arthur.

Topics of show covered in following links:

IBM and Plans to Change Your Life by Changing You

IBM–Mind Control in 5yrs

Innovations from IBM that will Change Your Life

14,000 Deaths in US Related to Fukushima?

US Deaths Tied to Fukushima Disaster

Cost of Electric Chevy Volt–Eh?

Israel Upset at UN Security Council

Local Cops Ready for War–Armed by Homeland Security

Who Made Novartis a Government Agency?

Pilger Decries Pro-War with Iran Propaganda

Predictable Outcome of England Riots–Police Can Use Live Rounds from Now On

Predictable Outcome from this Year’s England Riots–Next Rioters to be Shot with Live Rounds

Australia–Smart Meters to Double Cost of Electricity

General Dempsey gives US Propaganda Line on Iran

Holder for NAACP Plans to Involve UN in US Elections

US Orders Bird Flu Researchers to Redact Key Details on Weaponization

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