Police State 12-23-11

December 23rd, 2011

(NaturalNews) – Don’t look now, but even cops in Fargo are arming for battle against terrorists – Read More Here

(SCMLA2) – Martial Law in Louisiana? – Read More Here

(TargetFreedom) – Bill of Rights: Born Dec. 15, 1791 – Died Dec. 15, 2011 – Read More Here

(DailyBeast) – Local Cops Ready for War With Homeland Security-Funded Military Weapons

A decade of billions in spending in the name of homeland security has armed local police departments with military-style equipment and a new commando mentality. But has it gone too far? Read More Here

(PaulWatson) – TSA Responsible For Over 9,000 Unannounced Checkpoints In Last Year

Occupation of America set to expand with new funding – Read More Here

(NaturalNews) – Spying on Americans rising rapidly as warrantless use of undercover police, drones increases

There was a time when ordinary citizens still had an expectation of the right to privacy, even in public, but as technology has improved over the past generation, so has the government’s ability to get around the Constitution and the rule of law when it comes to keeping the common folk under surveillance. Read More Here

(HomelandSecurityNewswire) – Facial recognition systems for Orange County, California

Under the terms of the agreement, Hunter will sell and configure up to thirty-one Hunter SmartShot systems to twenty police departments in Orange County and to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. Read More Here


(AJC) – Military to Designate Americans as Enemy During Collapse: DOD Contact Joe Joseph Reports

FEMA Continuity of Government Plans Prep Total Takeover of Society, Dispatching Military Domestically Under Economic Collapse Emergency.

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