Christopher Hitchens – The Best of the Hitchslap

January 1st, 2012

(Youtube) – Christopher Hitchens at his finest – some of my favorite moments by the writer who has inspired the ideals of skepticism, free inquiry, and rational thought in so many. I believe Hitchslap is now the proper term for the unflinching intellectual prowess displayed in these exchanges.

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  1. Bifurcatio Says:

    The ‘Adamic Monolemma’ came to be about 10 thousand years ago. There is an excellent story about how this happened in the book ‘Ishmael’ by Daniel Quinn. So, the Jews had their way for about 8 thousand years, but the game was boring. About 2 thousand years ago a couple of sons of Abraham branched off and became Muslims and Christians. This new ‘Abrahamic Trilemma’ (Jews, Christians, Muslims) really made things more interesting as the game became more like ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’, but without any of the giggly joy, but only heart-attack seriousness. As we have been inhabiting this poisonous atmosphere for 10 thousand years now, there is no wonder at all in my mind about why we are now, here where we are today.

    A recent show on Nova stated that human DNA can be back-tracked to about 6 million years ago. If you relate to this (as I do), your depth of perception stretches back about 57 feet on a scale where 1 inch equals 10 thousand years. Lucy came along about 3 million years ago, and some evidence suggests that the DNA of all living humans can be traced to her. Relating to this will give you a perspective of about 27 feet on this same scale. If you relate only back to Adam and Eve, your perspective is a mere 1 inch on this scale; and relating back to just Jesus or Mohamed gives you only about 1/8 inch of perspective.

    We are so myopic, so twisted that there is no hope whatever to any kind of future health for our species in this spiritually poisonous ocean that begins to bubble now from the last 10 thousand years of toxic filth that we have ‘prayed’ into it. Good luck to all non-believers in the times ahead, but don’t neglect the ‘Spirit’ part of the ‘Body, Mind, Spirit’ triune.

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