Police State 1-22-12

January 22nd, 2012

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We all knew it was coming. The Department of Homeland Security has spent an enormous amount of time on an exhaustive campaign to indoctrinate the American people about the “threats” of terrorism in their own backyard.

Now DHS wants to turn it up a notch by making sure domestic law enforcement personal are fighting the war on terror in their backyards.

Recently, police chiefs across the country gathered at the White House to discuss home grown radicalism. With many of the former al Qaeda boogieman dead, the gears have now been shifted towards “home grown terrorists”.

So what are some of the key indicators in spotting a home grown terrorist?

Well, according to analysts from DHS and the FBI, it has nothing to do with someones origin, religion or economic status and everything to do with their activism and political views.

The analysts have studied sixty-two cases and found some common ground amongst those cases.

Lets see what qualifies a person to be suspected of being a terrorist: (Which can now lead to indefinite detention under the NDAA)

  • Increasingly speaking out against the government
  • Purchasing weapons, ammunition or explosives.
  • Joining groups that advocate violence

These are some very broad and disturbing key points for DHS and law enforcement to be looking at.

One of the things that makes America so wonderful is our Constitution and those rights drawn up and protected by our forefathers.

The right to bear arms implies that citizens will, if they choose, bear arms to protect themselves from what ever dangers threaten their inalienable right to self govern and life.

Common sense tells us that if a person purchases a gun they will also purchase ammunition so those two KEY factors in themselves are protected rights we as American’s possess, but now DHS and their analysts, have informed civil law enforcement that such activity is a red flag for a possible home grown terrorist.

When you mix in the claim that increasingly speaking out against government could also be a sign of terrorism you now have two Constitutionally protected rights that are being labeled as signs of possible terrorism.

We are supposed to keep those in office accountable through a series of checks and balances. When they tip too far in one direction our voices are raised to bring balance back.

If they refuse to hear the voices of those they represent then we get louder until we are heard.

This is a freedom we cherish as citizens of this great country. The right to protest peacefully is a great freedom that has come under attack by those fighting “the war on terror”.

Recently a report titled, “Homeland Security and Intelligence:  Next Steps in Evolving the Mission,” outlined the new way DHS should be fighting the war on terror.

The report concludes:

“This new approach to intelligence — serving local partners’ requirements, providing intelligence in areas (such as infrastructure) not previously served by intelligence agencies, and disseminating information by new means — reflects a transition in how Americans perceive national security.“

Do we as Americans need a new perception on National security? Do we need a new perception that suggests that if we practice our constitutional rights we could be a terrorist?

I submitted that very question to John Brennen at the White House and hope that I am afforded a reply that addresses this very question.

To be in fear of living under the laws of our Constitution is unacceptable and to focus on those who practice their constitutional rights is nothing more than a tactic to suppress the growing restless voices of America.

I hardly recognize this great nation through all the agencies that blanket us whether it be the Department of Homeland Security, the CIA, FBI, TSA, and so forth.

These agencies find more creative ways to suppress the spirit of the American people than any terrorist ever could.

If there are real terrorists out there wanting to harm the American people, they have already won as we are daily terrorized by our own governing officials and their policies that never seem to end.

Source: Intel Hub

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