Alan Watt ‘Cutting Through The Matrix’ – February 2nd, 2012

February 3rd, 2012

Media Targeting Disabled

Our Fabian Socialist World is Hard on Losers,
A Loser is Someone Who is Not a Producer,
Only Producer & Consumer They say Should Survive,
They’ve No Time for Disabled, Taxes Keeping Alive,
For This Global System has Big Projects on the Go,
Where the G-20 will Gather, Putting on a Show,
Restructuring the World is There on the Venue,
They can’t Help Disabled, Cash’s for Building Revenue,
No Time for Helping Proles, Those in Poor Health,
We’re Global Now as They Redistribute Your Wealth,
Even Amongst the Fit There’s a Lot of Tension
As Government Ups the Age Before Collecting Pension,
They Hope You’ll Drop Dead Before You can Collect,
They’ve All these Plans to Do with Using Your Check,
This is a New World Order Carrying No Dead Weight,
Led by Fat Old Men Eating 2000 Bucks a Plate

Topics: Realities of War, Drone Attacks – Victims of Gardasil Vaccine – Super Fracking for Oil and Gas – Nuclear Reactor Radiation Releases – Power Plants Shut Down – Skyrocketing Electricity Costs – World Stock Exchange – FDA Now Regulates Your Body—Because it is a Drug – Google and Internet Censorship, Redirection to Country Domains – Bad News for Disabled People, Media Spins for Political Purpose – Farmers Issue Lawsuit Against Monsanto’s GMO Crops – Italy Changes Labour Laws, Ignores Unions – Soaring Mortgage Fees – 1 in 100 Adults have Autism say “Experts”.

Topics of show covered in following links:

Obama Drones On–“She Never Saw it Coming”

Wonders of Gardasil–Listen to a Victim

Here Comes Super Fracking

Indian Point Nuclear Reactor, NY State

Small Radiation Amount Could Have Escaped Californian Plant

Illinois Nuclear Plant Loses Power

Referendum to Leave EU

Green Energy: The Auditor isn’t Impressed

Auditor General’s report

Deal to Create World’s Largest Exchange Blocked

FDA Now Regulates Your Body—Because it is a Drug

End of Global Internet?

Google’s Censorship Rules

Bad News for Disabled People: How Newspapers Are Reporting Disability

More on Media and Disabled People Coverage

Farmers Issue Lawsuit Against Monsanto’s GMO Crops

Italy Revamps Labor Laws Regardless of Unions

Microsoft Buying Rosetta’s Genomic Software from Merck

UK Mortgage Fees Soared 70% over a Year

Now One per Hundred Adults have Autism–Mainly Men–from “Experts”

China Buys 20% Stake in Groundbirch Shale-Gas Project in Canada

UK Police Roll Out The Peacemaker–“Stealth” Trucks

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