Alan Watt ‘Cutting Through The Matrix’ – February 6th, 2012

February 7th, 2012

The More Things Change

The More Things Change the More They’re the Same,
Human Nature Never Varies in the Power Game,
Those Who Seek Power are Not Altruistic,
It’s the Psychopaths’ Game, Being Opportunistic,
Whatever’s in Vogue, Extravagance or Austerity,
Leading Clique Always Add to Their Own Prosperity,
The Modern Citizen’s a Person Allowed to Roam,
Carrying Bags Down Street Where Once was His Home,
Chubby-Cheek Bankers Left Much Destitution,
Rewarded for Plundering, Ignore Constitution,
Peasant Soldiers Follow Orders, See What it Brings,
Power and Booty for Masters Who Live as Kings

Topics: Public “Nudged” into the “Proper” Direction – CFR/Chatham House, Inner and Outer Party – NGOs and Marxism – Capitalist-Funded Communism – Nano Quadrotors, Robotic Mini-Choppers – Austerity Measures, Power Cutbacks, Streetlights Turned off, Curfews – France–The Extravagance of Czar Nicolas – Full Body Scans Rolled Out at Australian Airports – Chain Stores, Monopolization, Product Manufacturing Moves Offshore – Implementation of Agenda 21/Sustainable Development/Green Cities, Elimination of Private Property and Vehicles – Directed Energy and Bioweapons Testing on Citizens – Smart Meter Shows TV Habits and More – Occupy Protests – Groups and Followers Always Used.

Topics of show covered in following links:

Nano Quadrotors in Swarms

Sustainability Leaves Britain in the Dark

France–The Extravagance of Czar Nicolas

Info. on Agenda 21

Full Body Scans Rolled Out–Australia

Australia, Interdependence and Free Trade–More Product Manufacturing Leaves the Country

Green Cities, Cool Mayors =Red Ink, Dead Culture

Water as Weapon

Directed Energy Testing Used on US Citizens

Smart Meter Shows TV Habits and More

Discrimination Against Scotsmen

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