Who Runs Greece? The Greek People or the Bankers? – Adrian Salbuchi

February 14th, 2012

(RussiaToday) – The devastation wrought upon Greece by international bankers acting through the IMF, EU and other institutions once again shows that governments have two choices: they either govern FOR the people and AGAINST the Bankers…. or they govern FOR the Bankers and AGAINST the People….

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One Response to “Who Runs Greece? The Greek People or the Bankers? – Adrian Salbuchi”

  1. aliberdi Says:

    Same situation in my country.
    Our stock exchange is looted by our government.
    Our banking sector is pundered by our government.
    Political mafias are in charge of our country.
    Dear Adrian, Salbuchi-if we are not united the evil few will continue to devastate our lives-in Bangladesh or Argentina.


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