Israel to delay strike on Iran until after US elections?

March 11th, 2012

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(YNet) – Israel will only strike Iranian nuclear facilities in September or after the United States presidential elections in November, a White House official told the British Sunday Times newspaper after a meeting between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Barack Obama last week.

According to the report, Obama has taken Israel’s warnings about a possible strike in Iran very seriously. The Washington source added that the president “might visit in the summer to reassure the Israelis that the US commitment to defend Israel is unshakable and thus thwart a possible autumn attack.”

Obama insisted that any attack on Iran should be postponed until after the US presidential elections in November, possibly even until next spring. The source revealed that Netanyahu consented to delaying a strike, but wished to know until when. “The question is how much time,” he reportedly said.

The White House source added that Netanyahu presented a number of demands Iran must fulfill in order to avoid an Israeli attack, including transferring 150 kilograms (330 pounds) of enriched uranium to a third party, stopping the enrichment process at the Fordow site near Qom and ceasing any further enrichment beyond the 3.5% required for power generation.

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One Response to “Israel to delay strike on Iran until after US elections?”

  1. univers Says:

    Israel stop barking via main stream media. I urge you to go ahead with the supposedly strike threat and make your words into actions.
    We’re tired of this so called war rhetoric with empty threats, all we wanna see is a your brave soldiers acting like real men.
    Again, please don’t hesitate and go for a nice and direct strike. We’re all ready for a nice live TV show. I just bought a Popcorn maker.

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