Caucus Coup: Ron Paul Mob Overthrows Seattle GOP For 21 Delegates

March 19th, 2012

(HigginsBlog) – A mob of Ron Paul supporters run GOP establishment sock puppets off site at Seattle caucus, with ballots in hand, and win the prize of 21 delegates.

The GOP was up to their dirty tricks in Seattle Washington as the Santorum, Gingrich, and Romney people tried to team to prevent any delegates from going to Ron Paul.

But there was a little problem… they were massively outnumbered by Ron Paul supporters who just weren’t having it.

Instead, they staged a coup and took the chair from few establishment GOP puppets on site who responded to the mutiny by walking off with the ballots and the scanners as an attempt to steal the delegates from Ron Paul.

It didn’t matter because the crowd of highly motivated Ron Paul Supporters took over the caucus and figured things out just fine without using the fancy scanners.

Then the establishment sock puppets tried putting motions through to kick out Ron Paul’s chair after voting ended, presumably so they can take the ballots and pull some shenanigans behind close doors.

As a writer on the Daily Paul reports, the motions were responded to with “a resounding spartan-like “NAY!”

Thanks to their efforts Ron Paul walked away with the entire slate of 21 Delegates.

It truly is a sad time in America that voters need to form massive crowds to and literally take over the election halls just to have a fair vote.

My hat goes off to the Ron Paul team for their dedications and persistence despite the corporate media blackout and the lies they face in their battle against the establishment’s propaganda machine.

The Daily Paul reports:

FLASH! (UPDATE) Seattle Washington Caucus: CONFIRMED. 21 Delegates Are Going To The State Caucuses For Ron Paul.(Video)

I’m at it right now, an alternate who couldn’t vote. There was a lot of fighting early on as we took over with the chair and started what should be labeled a ‘caucus coup’. GOP likely ran off with the bubble-sheet ballots when we took over, there was a lot of confusion over how to keep the voting legit now that the ballots that were supposed to be here vanished. Motions rose to kick our chair out after voting ended and chaos reigned, which ended with a resounding spartan-like “NAY!” during voting on the motion. Very awesome. Some guy on an oxygen tank requested for us to hurry up before he ran out of air, people rose to volunteer tanks they apparently had lying around. Very bizarre and funny.

6 hours later, looks like we took the ENTIRE slate of delegates. Congrats North Seattle, I hope we keep this up everywhere. Go Ron Paul!…

Video : 6th Legislative District Caucus GOP WA State 3/17/2012:

Here is a video of the event:

Notice the Asian woman @ 2:31 being questioned by the teller as she is holding packets in manila envelopes, which looked like they were the bubble ballot sheets.

Sshe walks off with them @4:30 and is not seen again the rest of the day.

Her name is Lisa Shin Executive Director of the King County GOP Office Staff.

Also Notice when @7:37 Glenn Avery the district chair admits that the county people took the bubble sheet ballots and the ballot scanning counting machines right after the Ron Paul Republicans elected their person chair of the caucus, saying it was their property and up to their discretion whether to share it.

Notice how he tries not to mention this when he is brought before the caucus @19:14, to avoid the ire of the crowd he only indirectly states that anything beyond the pre-printed list of delegate nominees was at the discretion of the county person in charge of providing materials.

Glenn Avery was also grilled about this later by several video cameras video should be up soon.

The Santorum, Gingrich, and Romney people tried to team up and form a “unity slate” against Ron Paul and they still lost handily as the Ron Paul Republicans had a huge majority of the delegates and selected all their people to every delegate and alternate slot to the state convention after electing their own Chair

The loud nay heard in the video on the vote for the motion to remove the chair is the Ron Paul supporters defending Michelle St. Pierre who did a great job despite being sabotaged by the county people in charge of providing the ballots who exercised their “discretion” by not sharing the bubble sheets and scanner machines with the caucus causing the voting to take much longer than it should have because of the necessity for hand counting.

Source: Alexander Higgins Blog

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