Police State 3-27-12

March 27th, 2012

(PaulWatson) – Video: Man Arrested, Charged With Assault For Pointing Finger At Cops – Disrespecting a police officer is now a crime – View More Here

(NaturalNews) – Privacy alert – The CIA wants to spy on you through your TV

Anytime you download a movie from Netflix to your television or turn on an Internet-based radio, you could be alerting people who you don’t want or need watching you. Read More Here

(NWOTruth) – Southern Poverty Law Center Takes Aim at Men’s Rights Websites – NWO Truth

(EFF) – Four Unanswered Questions About the Cybersecurity Bills – Read More Here

(StopTheDrugWar) – Michigan Father Killed in Marijuana Child Removal Incident – Read More Here

(EFF) – This Week in Transparency: Faulty FOIA – Read More Here

(AP) – Conspiracy charges dropped against Mich. militia – Read More Here

RELATED – (MSNBC) – Key charges dismissed against Michigan Hutaree militia members charged with plotting war on government – Read More Here

Also: (DeadlineLive) – …THEN YOU WIN! – Judge acquits 5 Hutaree militia members of all charges; (2 face only weapons counts) – Read More Here

Also: (DetroitFreePress) – Judge acquits 7 Hutaree militia members accused of terrorist overthrow plot – Read More Here

(12160) – The Department of Homeland Security Swat Team’s Orange County Terrorist – Read More Here

(Yahoo) – Tacocopter interest takes off – Read More Here

(Reuters) – US regulators push for online “do not track” system

U.S. regulators pushed Internet companies on Monday to adopt a “Do Not Track” system that would give consumers more control over their personal data online, and asked Congress to pass privacy legislation. Read More Here

(PoorRichardsBlog) – The Impact Of Anti-Gun Laws On Gun Sales – Read More Here

(IntelHub) – Police Officers Paid After Shooting American Citizens

That’s right, a sort of bounty system operates in New Mexico which, under a union program, pays officers up to $500 dollars per fatal shooting.

For their part, the union has claimed the up to $500 is used to help officers cope with the “stress” of the situation. Read More Here

(EndoftheAmericanDream) – 10 Reasons Why Nothing You Do On The Internet Will EVER Be Private Again – Read More Here

(BeforeItsNews) – Drones Take Off In Idaho – Read More Here

(Youtube) – Video: What Facebook and Google are Hiding From The World

Custom tailored search results based on the web pages you visit. Sound like SPYING to me. And no wonder you don’t see your friend Bob’s posts on Facebook anymore…apparently they decide for you what is relevant and what’s not.

Clear cookies and cache frequently and permission granted to re-upload this video and make it viral.

(BeforeItsNews) – Cashless Sweden + No ATM Fees = Total Loss of Freedom – Read More Here

(YTech) – Microchipped school uniforms notify parents when kids skip school – Read More Here

REPOST – (KurtNimmo) – Video: Nanny State On Steroids: City Plans to Outlaw Smoking in Apartments – View Here

(PaulWatson) – DHS Raids Home To Seize Deadly Hair Straighteners

Federal agency founded to fight terrorism continues war on grooming appliances Read More Here

(KurtNimmo) – Sen. Schumer Exploits Trayvon Martin Case in Call to Outlaw “Stand Your Ground”

Notorious gun-grabber Sen. Charles Schumer is exploiting the publicity surrounding the Trayvon Martin case to call for the feds to outlaw “Stand Your Ground” self-defense laws around the country. Schumer is an influential Democrat who serves on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Schumer wants to the Justice Department to expand an investigation into the controversial law. More than thirty states have some form of the Castle Doctrine or the Stand Your Ground law on the books. The Castle Doctrine has its roots in English common law under the dictum that “an Englishman’s home is his castle” and the belief that deadly force may be used when a home is invaded.

“I am sending a letter to the Justice Department to ask them to expand their investigation into the general application of these ‘stand your ground’ laws, whether they actually increase, rather than decrease, violence, and whether they actually prevent law enforcement from prosecuting cases where a real crime has been committed,” Schumer said on Monday.

“Given your duty to protect the public, your unique nationwide jurisdiction to conduct an investigation, and your authority to allocate federal resources to state and local law enforcement, I believe that you are warranted and justified in conducting an investigation as to whether these ‘stand your ground laws’ are contributing to excessive uses of force and decreased prosecutions for killings throughout the United States.  I therefore urge you to commence such an investigation at the earliest possible instance,” Schumer added.

Along with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Representative Carolyn McCarthy, Charles Schumer is at the forefront of an effort to roll back the Second Amendment and deny citizens the right to defend themselves. He has attempted to enforce gun laws by linking the exercise of the Second Amendment to terrorism and has pushed consistently for outlawing “assault weapons.” Schumer has also worked to close down the so-called “Gun Show Loophole” that allows sales of firearms without asking permission from the Attorney General and the federal government.

Florida, where Martin was killed after he allegedly attacked Neighborhood Watch captain George Zimmerman, has refused to shut down its Stand Your Ground law. Gov. Rick Scott has remained mostly silent on the matter and the Florida Legislature’s Senate President Mike Haridopolous rejected the formation of a special committee to review the law.

Source: Infowars

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