Akita Professor: Gov’t engaged in propaganda, a coverup of dangers to Japanese people (VIDEO)

April 13th, 2012

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(ENENews) – Akira “Lazy Cat” Murakami, a professor of media at Akia University discusses the Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown and the media cover-up as well as the real concerns of the people of Japan. It was done at KPFA on 3/14/2012 by Steve Zeltzer of WorkWeek Radio and Project Censored.

The gov’t is engaged in propaganda, a coverup of whats really going on… At Akita Univ., I am the only one who’s giving lectures to mothers…

At 18:00 in

Question: What was the difference between how the people of Chernobyl faced this crisis and what’s happened in Fukushima?

In highly contaminated areas in Fukushima Pref., people are still living and working, children are still going to school and playing in the field… So many kinds of food are highly contaminated and they’re eating it every day… Russia did much better job of relocating people… Even the residents who would like to move to other places lack funding and support.

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Source: ENENews

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