Audio: Alan Watt ‘Cutting Through The Matrix’ – April 19th, 2012

April 20th, 2012

Behaviour Modification: Greening Propaganda, Result is Damaged, Populations Sick, Poor and Famished

The Planned Society, All Micro-Managed,
Healthy, The Intelligent and The Damaged,
Cradle-to-Grave Records on Little Old You,
Every Thought, e-mail, Yes All You Do,
Ooh! We’re All in Danger from Bad People,
“Keep Us Safe”, The Chorus from Sheeple,
And This can’t Be Done Without Sustainability,
Even Though There’s Massive Infertility,
A Thousand Organizations Pushing for Rules,
For U.N. Enforcement Upon Nations’ Fools,
Everything’s Fees, Indoctrination-Compliance,
We’re Interdependent, No Self-Reliance

Topics: Leaders Supplied to the Public – Elimination of the “Unfit” and “Unproductive” – War for the Mind, Constant Attack – Monopolization, Elimination of Competition – Elite Mass Murderers and Gangsters – Rhodes and Milner Group, RIIA-CFR, War Creation – Boer War – WWI and WWII, Goal of a United Europe and World Government – Black Hole of EU Bailouts – UK, Secret Courts and Increased Surveillance – “Eco” Fines, Permits and Fees for Homeowners and Car Owners – End of Private Property – Nightmare of Planned Society – Smart Grid Open to Hackers – World Wildlife Fund and Change-Agent Technique, Brainwashing Children.

Topics of show covered in following links:

Britain Pledges Another Few Billion to IMF

Prime Minister defends Secret Court Hearings and increased Monitoring of e-mails and Internet Users

Green Corporate Blackmail and Corruption

Greenies Always Complain about Too Little Ice etc.–Mainstream Never Mentions Ice Thickening

Bank of America Sues itself

Planned Society–The Green-Dream, Humanity’s Nightmare

Smart Grid Open to Hackers

Jeremy Greenstock–Policy Advisory Council–IPPR

Training Leaders as Change-Agents for Sustainability

World Wildlife Fund and Change-Agent Technique “The Natural Change Project”

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