Fukushima Radiation News 4-20-12

April 20th, 2012

(EUTimes) – Russia Stunned After Japanese Plan to Evacuate 40 Million Revealed – Read More Here

(ENENews) – Senate Leader: NRC Commissioner ‘Lied To Congress’ — Could bring Senate to grinding halt – Read More Here

(ENENews) – Video: Fukushima Report Introduced by Top Official Hosono: “Other reactors are all in considerably severe condition” — 14 total; Dai-ni, Onagawa, Tokai — “Extreme situations, though not much has been broadcast” – View Here

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RELATED – (NewScientist) – Sperm damage in birds near Chernobyl — UK professor claims not from meltdown because it wasn’t enough to explain amount of harm observed – Read More Here

(ENENews) – Video: Asahi TV – “Unbelievable” — If Unit 4 pool gets a crack from quake and leaks, it would be end for Tokyo -Expert — Doesn’t have to be large tremor, already shaken many times (VIDEO)

Most discussion of the No. 4 spent fuel pool has focused on an earthquake causing the pool to collapse. This video is different because it reveals:

  1. A crack, rather than the collapse of the pool itself, can be the end of Tokyo
  2. The quake that could put a crack in the pool and be the end of Tokyo does not have to be a large one
  3. The sense of shock when people in Japan are made aware of this information for the first time

(MSNBC) – Fukushima radiation “much higher than expected” says biologist — Negative effects to happen quicker than at Chernobyl… and be worse

  • [At Fukushima] “our expectation was that it would take many years and many generations of exposure for the cumulative effects” to show as they have in Chernobyl
  • However, once we started our field work we realized that contamination levels were much higher than expected, even in July when we did our surveys and it is likely that doses to these birds were very high in March and April when many of the birds were arriving to the area to initiate breeding”

(FukushimaDiary) – Video: Report – Asahi TV show airs photos of mutated plants in Tokyo — Same program to feature dire situation at No. 4 fuel pool — Asked audience to send in more examples (PHOTO)

[…] A news reporter showed this mutated dandelion in the TV show “Morning bird” of TV asahi. 2 flowers from one huge stem. 20 of them are growing close to each other in Tokyo. Maybe the dandelions were stressed. The TV show is asking for more pictures of mutated plants. […]

SOURCE: Asahi TV’s ‘Morning Bird’

See also: Asahi TV: “Unbelievable” — If Unit 4 pool gets a crack from quake and leaks, it would be end for Tokyo -Expert — Doesn’t have to be large tremor, already shaken many times (VIDEO)

SOURCE: Asahi TV’s ‘Morning Bird’


(Youtube) – Former Fukushima Daiichi Reactor Operator – We falsified data and rewrote daily operative reports

Kimura used to operate the reactors and maintained the fuel rods at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. He confessed that TEPCO has deceived the government, which regulates the nuclear power plants, in a number of ways.

KIMURA: As a part of operational management of the nuclear power plant, we used to rewrite the daily operative reports. We used to access the computer to falsify the data when things weren’t going our way

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