Radiation News 4-22-12

April 22nd, 2012

(OCRegister) – Fire at California’s San Onofre nuclear plant burns for over 40 minutes — Cause unknown – Read More Here

(CNN) – Fukushima Daiichi engineer says “we still don’t know what’s going on inside the reactors”

Cold shut down “wasn’t true then, and it’s still not true today”

On December 16, Kan’s successor, Yoshihiko Noda, announced that the stricken reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station had reached “a state of cold shutdown.” Japan’s worst-ever nuclear accident, the Prime Minister said, had finally been brought under control.

The moment was meant to be a calming milestone, psychological balm for a wounded country in the process of trying to heal. The only problem with it, as workers today at the nuclear power plant, will tell you, is this: it wasn’t true then, and it’s still not true today. “The coolant water is keeping the reactor temperatures at a certain level, but that’s not even near the goal [of a cold shut down,]” says an engineer working inside the plant. “The fact is, we still don’t know what’s going on inside the reactors.” – Read the report here

(FNNNews) – Video: Watch: Babies born this year may be working at Fukushima Daiichi one day – Video Link Here

(METIPressRelease) – INES level 1 event at Tokai nuclear plant after March 11 quake — Cobalt-60 detected outside of radiation control area — Safety inspectors rushed to site (PHOTOS) – Read More Here

(JapanTimes) – Plant Mutations: “Trees died and others grew in abnormal shapes” says ecologist visiting Japan from Chernobyl – Read More Here


(EXSKF) – Developing: Explosion at Japan chemical complex, still burning — 3,379 containers of nuclear waste onsite — Reports of depleted uranium — Gov’t says no release of toxic material

UPDATE: One of the two missing workers was found dead. 9 workers injured, 3 residents in the area were also injured (cuts from broken glass). It looks like part of the complex is still burning. The prefectural government does say the depleted uranium is stored at the complex, but there has been no release of toxic materials from the fire, according to the prefectural government.

(UPDATED) Explosion at Petrochemical Complex in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Radioactive Waste Stored at the Complex

Someone on Twitter has dug up information from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) that lists companies that have radioactive waste on the premise. Mitsui Chemical’s complex in Yamaguchi Prefecture is one of them. According to the MEXT data from 2009, the complex has 3,379 containers of nuclear waste. […]

Read the report here

h/t Fukushima Diary

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