Alan Watt ‘Cutting Through The Matrix’ – May 18th, 2012

May 21st, 2012

Damaged Mentality from Manufactured Reality

Reality, Reality, Wherefore Art Thou, Reality?
All the Experts Running the World, Why is All Calamity?
Bogus Facts Mass-Produced Trying to Give Credence,
Made by Those Who Benefit, Hence Forced Obedience,
Science Prostituted Itself, Sacrificed On the Altar,
Ensuring Eco-Grants Come In, Consensus doesn’t Falter,
We’re Living Through the Birth of a New Religion,
We’ll Worship Images of Trees, Owl, Toad and Pigeon,
Going Back to Peasant Farming with All Crops Re-borne,
Courtesy of Monsanto, GM Rice and Wheat and Corn,
And Way High Above, Fly the Jets of the Few
Who’ll Live on Mt. Olympus Above Plain Me and You

(CuttingThroughTheMatrix) – Advisors More Important than Presidents and PMs – Psychopaths and Deception – Propaganda/Public Relations – Thinking for Yourself – Ongoing PNAC Agenda – Living through a Script – Fascist Elite at the Top of Communism, Masses in Squalor and Austerity – Post-WWII Depopulation of the Peasantry, “Inferior Types” – Creation of a New World Religion – Club of Rome and Myth of Global Warming, “Man is the Enemy” – UN Model State of China—the State is God – Class System of China – Con of Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage under the Sea – CO2 Follows Warming – Empire and Reality Creation, News Handouts – Desensitization and Training into Obedience – Military Detention Law Blocked by NY Judge – Competition for “Carbon” Cuts – EU Parliament and Commission – Fertility-Damaging GM and Soy – Flu Vaccine linked to Narcolepsy.

Topics of show covered in following links:

Seabed Co2 Experiment–No, it’s not an April Fool Joke

Military Detention Law Blocked by NY Judge

EU Countries Competing for Goody-Two-Shoes Award for Carbon

Members of European Parliament Cancel RIO+20 Participation–But the Euro Commission (Real Government) will Attend

More Monsanto Experiments in US

New Zealand bans Soya Based Fertility Damaging Baby Food

Swine Flu Vaccine and Narcolepsy

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