Journalists Arrested, Beaten, Raided, Held At Gunpoint By Police At NATO Protests

May 22nd, 2012

(HigginsBlog) – Chicago police brutality at the NATO summit against journalists and protestors was so shocking that CNN anchor Don Lemon asks ‘Does ANYONE deserve This?’

CNN has aired video footage of police brutality of the NATO protest summits that was so shocking even their own anchors were appalled by the violence.

In the first video below, CNN anchor Don Lemon watches in disbelief as riot police repeatedly and indiscriminately beat anyone within arms reach with their batons.

In the second video a CNN camera is in perfect position to film one of many instances of the police burrowing throwing entire crowds in police vans and running over protestors.

For those who attempt to justify these acts of brutality by the police by claiming these protests must have committed acts to deserve the police response the video are filed by several reports of many journalists being who were beaten by the police.

Finally, Russia Today reports that even with the corporate media attention that was given the media coverage failed to come close to present a clear picture of the events on the ground.


CNN Anchor on NATO protest to police: The whole world is watching, does anybody deserve this?

After going through previous media blackouts on police overreach and brutality during Occupy protests, it’s an optimistic sign to hear a reporter in shock over the beatings of protesters at the NATO summit by authorities. CNN’s Don Lemon calls them out.

As noted here yesterday, earlier this year the United States plummeted in the World Press Freedom Index, due to numerous journalists being beaten, intimidated and/or arrested by officers – and the beat goes on.

This one is disturbing as hell — CNN camera is in perfect position as a police van runs over protestors.

From the Huffington Post:

NATO Summit: Journalists Arrested, Injured Covering Protests (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Several journalists were arrested and injured while covering the protests against the NATO summit in Chicago on Saturday and Sunday.

As thousands of anti-NATO protesters met thousands of police officers in the streets, photographers found themselves repeated targets of the CPD.

On Sunday, Getty photographer Scott Olson was bloodied after being hit with a police baton. A picture of Olson with blood streaming from his head rocketed around the Internet.

Getty Journalist Beaten By Police

Getty Journalist Beaten By Police

The National Press Photographers Association also highlighted the arrest of Joshua Lott, a freelance photographer with Getty.

Tracey Pollock, a photographer with the Minnesota-based outfit The UpTake, posted video on Saturday that showed police waving their bicycles around to keep protesters back. At the end of the video, a police officer appears to shove Pollock’s camera out of control. A report on the site said that the officer proceeded to push her over some bicycles, and that she was bruised as a result.

Another photographer, Paul Weiskel, posted video that showed an officer forcefully shoving a bicycle into his stomach.

NBC Chicago reported on Monday that a group of independent journalists had also been detained at 2 AM by police officers. In the video, police can be heard telling the group to show them their “f—ing hands.” Some of the reporters were handcuffed, and their hard drives and cameras were smashed.

Click here for more coverage of journalists at the NATO summit.

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Source: Higgins Blog

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