US Has Hired Terrorists To Topple Syria

June 10th, 2012

(PressTV) – The UN peace plan for Syria slips away as foreign-backed militants continue with bombings, massacres and destruction and the US agenda to remove Assad.

Press TV – Press TV has interviewed Ralph Schoenman, political commentator from Berkeley who describes the unfolding tragedy of Syria as simply imperialism at work. What follows is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: The armed groups have started to attack infrastructure in Syria. Why should the country’s infrastructure be destroyed?

Schoenman: Because it has been targeted as such by the basically terrorist forces that have been initiated by the US and the NATO powers in conjunction with Turkey and with Libya and with Qatar and Saudi Arabia. This is a concerted plan to remove the government of Syria under one pretext or another.

There had been a popular movement of opposition to Bashar al-Assad, yes, but this has been hijacked in a concerted effort, which is explicit and clear. It is an agenda for replacement of governments that are not acceptable to American imperialism and the purpose is to destabilize the government and not only the government, but the country of Syria itself.

There is no ambiguity about this. Hilary Clinton put forward another plan to remove Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from power – Washington continually ramps up its threats to intervene without UN approval.

In fact a meeting in Istanbul was held on the sidelines of a so-called Coordination Committee at a global counter terrorism summit where Hilary Clinton was already announcing the plan for a “full removal of Assad from power”.

And indeed what’s instructive about this is that this announcement from Hilary Clinton came on the eve of the report of a new massacre yesterday, 100 people, women and children killed in the Hama region, which immediately was imputed without evidence to the Syrian government itself.

All analysts who are clear about this understand that the timing of this and the nature of these attacks, armed operations of the Syrian Liberation Army with no ambiguity about the fact that they not only target government forces and government soldiers, but populations that are either supportive of the government or not supportive of these outside interventions.

That’s what underlies this. This is a concerted imperial attempt to remove a government from power and to destroy the country.

Press TV: Let’s talk about the United Nations and the peace plan. Just how much can the UN help the situation in Syria?

Schoenman: Well, the problem with these peace plans that emanate from the UN – there’s a long history of this – the UN put forward punitive peace plans, which then having been introduced every time they are introduced the government that is the target is accused of not abiding by them.

And a free hand is given to financed and armed terror instruments of the Qataris of the Saudis of the Turks of the Libyans as I’ve mentioned under the direction of imperialism.

Senator john McCain has been as explicit as Hilary Clinton from the inception. Not only are they arming these rebels, but they are already making clear that they will not honor any UN peace plan because their objective is the removal of the regime.

So these so-called multi-national efforts and the UN peace plans are nothing but a fig leaf and a pretext to amp up the prospect of direct intervention… and that’s what we are witnessing here.

It’s instructive to point out that Syrian army casualty’s rise exponentially with each day that passes. What is causing that? Who is making these attacks? – 100 soldiers killed in the suburbs of Damascus and Idlib province in a matter of the last couple of days; 57 Syrian soldiers killed the day before that – the largest military death toll since civil unrest began in March 2011.

This is an armed terror operation of Western powers and their instruments as I’ve mentioned. It is not to say that the soldiers of the regime do not respond or carry out armed attacks, but this is a government under siege.

And regardless of the nature of the Assad regime and regardless of the popular disaffection, which may or may not exist… and there is disaffection, but what we’re witnessing here is an imperial undertaking to dismantle a government, a sovereign government; to destroy the state not just the government, but the state, the country itself.

It’s not only in Syria this project… it’s intended for Iran. It was implemented in Libya; it’s the nature of imperial intervention in the region. That is the underlying reality here; everyday confirms it.

They don’t even bother to pretend that they have a different agenda. From the beginning the US spokespersons and the secretary of state and the US representative to the UN have made it explicit that their objective is to remove the government in Syria.

Who are they to remove a government in another country? That’s imperialism and that’s what we’re witnessing here.

So, all of the propaganda that surrounds the tragedy that’s unfolding in the country of Syria, all of that propaganda is the propaganda of the imperial dominion, of terrorist intervention, armed-state intervention to subjugate the population at large.

Source: Press TV

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