Iraq Vet Charged With Terrorism For Jogging With BB Gun

August 28th, 2012

(RussiaToday) – An Army National Guardsman and US veteran has been charged with terrorism for jogging in camouflage fatigues weighted with ceramic weights while carrying a BB gun.

Jogging With A BB Gun Now An Act Of TerrorismJogging With A BB Gun Now An Act Of Terrorism

A US veteran is facing charges of terrorism after being arrested for trying to get some exercise. That’s William Alemar’s story, at least, who was detained this week after jogging in full military fatigues in public while carrying a training rifle.

Authorities have charged 23-year-old Army National Guardsman and Iraq war veteran William Everett Alemar with “committing a terroristic act and wearing body armor while committing a felony offense.” He was arrested on the morning of August 20 after officers responded to calls of an armed man running along a road adjacent to a Martinsburg, West Virginia high school.

When the cops found Alemar three minutes later, he was wearing his full National Guard get-up and was brandishing an air-soft “training rifle,” a gun that while similar to his actual weapon only fires pellets, not bullets. He was also garbed in a ballistic vest composed of bullet-resistant ceramic panels and was equipped with two knives and several unloaded magazines, the Herald-Mail reports.

“The primary concern for the police department was that subject’s proximity to the area schools — Martinsburg High School, South Middle — when he was first located off Bulldog Boulevard,” Martinsburg Police Lt. George Swartwood says to reporters.

After spotting Alemar, authorities ordered him to the ground and then seized the weapons. He was initially held on $50,000 cash bond.

For the family of the vet, it seems a bit too much.

“He’s not a terrorist; he’s not a bad kid,” the suspect’s father, Stephen Alemar, tells The Herald-Mail.

A Facebook group, “Support William Alemar,” has been started to help the veteran as he prepares to fight his charges. Several of the users who have joined the group have made comparisons between Alemar and Brandon Raub, a retired US Marine from Virginia man who was recently detained for one week after he posted messages on his own social networking profile that raised the eyebrows of authorities.

“The idea of a Constitution free zone is bunk, and we would like to support this American Patriot as was Brandon Raub supported in his time of trouble,” the creator of the ‘Support William Alemar’ page writes. “The idea you can be labeled a ‘terrorist’ simply by carrying a training rifle, ammo, and knives is once again, an overblown reaction by our government. Unless further hitherto unknown facts are released, it seems we should unite with this American hero, who is NOT a terrorists but a citizen of the republic!”

Source: RT

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  1. Jerry Alexander Says:

    Who are the people that arrested him? The main problem with Americans is that they don`t ask for names.Americans will accept they,them,those,ect.They may be your neighbor.Their Non Human Children may attend the same school as you Human Children.Find who they are and tell everyone.No more “They`s”,”Them`s”,” Those” or,” A Team of Agents”. Who are these Aliens?

  2. jerry Says:

    SO! You don`t expect an American do put up a fuss,do you? American`s don`t give a damn…it didn`t happen to them,so! why should they care.Look at the shape your country is in before you jump on your band wagon.If America has to depend on Americans to save it…you are SOL.

  3. jerry Says:

    Oh!! It won`t be long before Americans hat carry one flag will be a minority.PHD`S are on Food Stamps,and your great American President is issuing visa`s hand over fist,and the so called ‘Home of the Brave” are lost in their own little world.

  4. jerry Says:

    I`m sorry…your “Home of the Brave” are now being called Hero`s.You know! Those that are Killing Innocent Men,Women,and Children via an upgraded Pac Man console.If you see one,please tell him/her not to go to NY.There they will be put in prison on charges as a Terrorist,or,Bloomberg will have them beaten to death,and his cop`s will do it for him..such a sick state NY.We don`t even visit any more because of the brain dead cops..very sick indeed.

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