Facebook is Banning Admins on our pages!!

November 23rd, 2012

(Youtube) – Exposing the truth, Gathering of the minds, Inform Yourselves, DCP, Real art of the resistance, Truth contest all suffering major blows the the admins under false claims. The photo remains posted on Facebook and none of the admins have ever been to the page in question and the photo isn’t tagged. If you have more information please inbox one of these pages and let us know if you’ve been effected too.

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  1. Linda Joy Adama Says:

    I do write a Daily Recap and been sharing my eye witness account of President Obama born in Topeka, Ks. Often when I wrote a couple of pages and then tried to do spell check, lost the entire artcle. so I began wriing on my blogger.com and linking back to Facebook and twitter. Then I e mail this all to over a hundred parties. Last night included a prayer list of those that have the authority to help in some personal abusesaf power by govt officials. I added President Obama and noticed my e-mail had the President Obama underlined. never have seen this occur and wasn’t for misspelling. (yahoo e-mail) i sent them. So if we mention the President to even ask for prayers for him, we get monitored? i’ve never assumed privacy anymore, anywhere. Even my letters to the govt are published on line. Maybe they get to the party sooner than the mail? Linda Joy Adams

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