The REAL Reason the U.S. Wants to Invade Pakistan

February 3rd, 2013

(FB) – U.S. troops may soon be used to protect the Trans-Afghan Pipeline in Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Construction on the pipeline will begin in 2010 and continue through 2015 and beyond, but only after the region is secured. Since the U.S. interfered with the original contracts awarded to the Bridas Corp (from Argentina), the Pashtun and Taliban tribal forces are not so interested in Unocal’s counter-offer, which was extended by Hamid Karzai (a former Unocal consultant). This means either the U.S. will have to commit genocide to secure the area, or US troops will be sitting ducks while guarding the pipeline through each phase of its construction. Wasn’t there supposed to be another reason US invaded Afghanistan?

Find it interesting that none of this information has ever been covered by the American news media. It took a while, but it found on an Indian news source that DID discuss their pending oil deal with Iran and Pakistan. It seems the only thing holding up the deal are the changes in Pakistan’s government (and the fact that we’ve pushed them into a civil war). The policies of US administration seem to be geared toward protecting Unocal’s (now Chevron’s) interests by backing up the construction of the Trans-Afghan Pipeline with military forces. The only way US military can do that safely is by committing genocide since the local tribes don’t want us there. So I guess it’s time to ask yourself if you want your children getting shot at for the sake of oil?

NOTE: China has since signed on with Pakistan for access to natural gas from that same Iranian pipeline. Also, Iran’s President Ahmedinejad has opened up Iranian markets to the west. Its been informed that foreign entrepreneurs can now buy and own businesses in Iranian territory provided they don’t try to gain a monopoly in an given business. What sense does it make to attack these people when US intelligence agencies have told their own people they discontinued research on nuclear weapons over 5 years ago?

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