Sibel Edmonds Explains Who’s At The Top Of The Pyramid

March 17th, 2013

(Corbett) – In this sixth part of the ongoing Sibel Edmonds Gladio B conversation, we ask the question: Who is at the top of the pyramid. We look beyond the usual suspects and follow the money back to the industries and lobbies whose existence depends on the perpetuation of boogeymen enemies.

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  1. alex Says:

    *Gottaluv J.C & Sibel…but the info still didn’t go high enough…the ‘Who’s Who’ in the ‘Capstone Pyramid Chess Club’- were All generationally ‘EDUCATED’ indoctrinated, inculcated, mal imprinted, neuro linguistically programmed etc. etc. (take your pick) from birth…Most of them ‘Hot-Housed’ in All Boy’s (male domination) schools, arriving at the tender age of 8yrs old, to follow a long tradition of hierarchal sodomic rituals & sociopathic bonding, that lasts a lifetime for this scoin of the privileged few.
    …Don’t just follow the $$$…ascertain who ‘owns’ the learning institutions & who were it’s pillars of society/ 1%ers are lining the hallways in ‘eye-following’ oil portraits. The paintings representing the ‘end products’ of the WILL of the original owners.
    …What a coincidence!… a Black one just turned White!… where ALL roads lead.

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