Constitutional Security Force (CSF) Courses, First Training in Pittsburgh,PA. Friday, April 12th

April 10th, 2013

(BeforeItsNews) – Archangel here, reporting from Pittsburgh,PA. East Coast of the U.S. This is a news prequel to report on the latest on “Chief Mark Kessler’s,” CSF Force. ( Civilian Security Force ) here in Pennsylvania. The second meeting & first ever ( militia like, according to our beloved Constitution, although the word militia has been demonized it is still true & closest represents what this training is all about. )  the training compound will be at “Fast-Tatics,”

Constitutional Security Force (CSF) Courses


719 Riverside Drive, La Belle PA 15450 (Mailing Address)



For more info or to make it to the first ever east coast course or to sign up for the training course this Friday, April 12th, 2013, contact “Justin,” the owner / operator / instructor of “Fast-Tatics.” His phone number is: 1-724-289-0061 . And be sure to tell him “Archangel,” & Alex Higgins from “Before It’s,” sent you. This is a totally legal course & violates no local or federal laws what so ever. That doesn’t mean that special agents will not be there to photograph, spy on, or videotape anyone attending this course. So I suggest you all wear some type of masks or “balaclavas,” if you don’t want them to capture your picture for later use in their illegal databases or facial recognition systems. I’ll be wearing one myself. And i’m just a freelance reporter / photographer / photojournalist covering the event for BIN. Hope to see you there ! All the true patriots that is. All you “FEDS,” can stay home or chase some real criminals for a change. Leave “US,” constitutional Americans excersizing our 2nd Amendments Freedoms alone. This article in no way reflects the opinion of BIN, their staff, or anyone other than myself, in my official capacity as a freelance reporter.

As always your brother in arms against the armies of darkness of man & beyond,



Source: Before Its News

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