Dick Cheney Confirms False Flag To Be Blamed Upon North Korea & Kim Jong-Un

April 12th, 2013

(BeforeItsNews) – Dick Cheney crawled out of his hole today to confirm the thoughts of millions of Americans, the globalists  and the New World Order have arranged ANOTHER ‘false flag’ attack upon America via their latest patsy, North Korea and Kim Jong-Un. Cheney, who hadn’t been heard from since the last time he lost his heart, told members of House Republican leadership Tuesday that they need “to be wary of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un in the escalating situation in the Korean Peninsula.” Whenever Cheney talks, it’s wise to listen to what he says; he also proposed a false flag attack to start an Iran conflict as PROVEN by author John Pilger while giving a talk at the Writers Festival in the video below and excerpted here.:

The “meeting took place in the Vice-President’s office. ‘The subject was how to create a casus belli between Tehran and Washington,’” according to one of Seymour Hersh’s sources.

During the journalism conference event, I asked Hersh specifically about this meeting and if he could elaborate on what occurred. Hersh explained that, during the meeting in Cheney’s office, an idea was considered to dress up Navy Seals as Iranians, put them on fake Iranian speedboats, and shoot at them. This idea, intended to provoke an Iran war, was ultimately rejected.

Today, ‘Dick’ had attended a “leadership” meeting in the office of House Speaker John A. Boehner before slithering over to the office of Majority ‘Whip’ Kevin McCarthy to speak with the GOP “whip team”. Though Cheney refused to speak to media, others spoke out for him.

Rep. Steve Southerland II, R-Fla., said Cheney warned members not to underestimate the 26-year-old North Korean leader.

“He could have a lot of things up his sleeve, not just military power,” Southerland said. Cheney “emphasized the fact that this is a guy you cannot underestimate . . . because we don’t know anything about him. Our intel on him is sketchy at best. He’s young, so he doesn’t have a track record, and don’t eliminate any possibility of what his intentions are: blackmail, actual use of force or using it as a [bargaining] chip.

“How we handle the North Koreans is on display, so we need to be careful. What we’re doing here is being watched,” Cheney said, according to Southerland. “So he said, ‘You need to make sure you’re setting a precedent,’” Southerland said.

(Webster Tarpley warned us in 2007 that Cheney was determined to strike the US then. Much more below.)

Let’s all hope that ‘precedent’ doesn’t include a pre-emptive nuke upon N. Korea for fear that Kim might get a bit antsy; I’m sure he’s weighed his options well enough to know that any nuke on America will be met with North Korea’s complete anihilation. In fact, Dick Cheney and the Globalists have a LOT more to gain out of ‘false flag’ North Korean strike upon America than Kim Jong-Un and the North Koreans do. I’ve always felt through this entire fiasco that Kim Jong-Un was merely another ‘actor’, a guy playing his part. I still do, even more so now that Dick Cheney has decided to stick his head into this mix. What do you have up YOUR sleeve, Dick Cheney and the NWO? “You need to be careful. What you’re doing there IS being watched.” Now, let’s see what kind of ‘precedent’ they’re going to set. The video below shares that when it comes to ‘precedent’, Dick Cheney has clearly set it.

Source: Before Its News

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