Boston Bombing: The “No Real Victims” “Crisis Actors” Disinfo Has Started Early

April 17th, 2013

(WillyLoman) – Years ago a guy by the name of Phil Jayhan contacted me about his 9/11 “research”. I was somewhat known in the Truth movement and he wanted to see if he could get me to bite on his theory that there were actually no victims in the attack on 9/11; that it was all just a rouse and the Twin Towers were actually hollow. His “evidence” consisted of some pics of various victims who slightly resemble other living human beings. Needless to say, I didn’t bite.

UPDATE: As I have stated, the young man in the wheelchair who lost both of his legs is not a “Crisis Actor” and it is not disabled vet Nick Vogt. His name is Jeff Bauman. His father found out about his injuries by seeing a picture of his son on the news.

UPDATE: check out Angelo’s photo comparison looking at the location of the man in the wheelchair and some of the other victims. “Wheelchair guy” seems to be gone and the black woman victim shifts over and lies in his blood for some reason. it is odd to say the least.

UPDATE: please read –

Boston Bombing: Rumor Control, here are the facts

Boston Bombing: MSM Played Up “Homegrown Terrorists” – “Pressure Cooker” Bomb Straight from “Lone Mujahid Pocketbook”

UPDATE: There are reports that the explosives were place in pressure cookers with nails and ball bearings as shrapnel.

“We started grabbing tourniquets and started tying legs. A lot of people amputated. … At least 25 to 30 people have at least one leg missing, or an ankle missing, or two legs missing.” Roupen Bastajian, a state trooper from Smithfield, R.I.

UPDATE: Two brothers each lost one leg in the attack.

“About a week ago I was googling FDNY/9/11 and came across a forum called LetsRoll. Its run by Phil Jayhan.

Thinking this was a pro FDNY site I began to read posts by Phil and several others and soon became disgusted. Me being a retired NYC Firefighter was taken aback that not just one but many people believe that Firefighters were not killed on 9/11 at the World Trade Center and are in fact fraudulently collecting death benefits while in hiding.” GLP 2011

But his particularly insulting spin on disinformation has taken hold, probably because it is so offensive.

Yes, there are such things as Crisis Actors and yes, it looks like one or two of the mass casualty events in the current American Gladio operation were theatrically staged… a “Wag the Dog” production if you will.

But that is not to say that they ALL have been or that every event that takes place must be filtered through that lens right off the bat.

You will see some graphic photos in this article and clear evidence to suggest that unless the planners of these “Wag the Dog” events have gotten much better at their craft, it appears this was a real event with real explosives (though it would seem that low explosives were used as Blues points out) and real victims.

And oh yes, please stop saying that the guy in the wheelchair is Nick Vogt… it isn’t. The photo comparison I did proves that. [graphic images follow so be warned]


Here we are though with “alternative” sites posting multiple threads about “Crisis Actors” and fake wounds in Boston. The following is posted on Godlike Productions.  It’s doubly insulting to the average person because it claims the victim is faking his horrific wounds and is actually a veteran to boot.

The photo this person chose to use is not the best one out there to use to compare him to the wounded vet. This one is…

boston 5

This is a recent picture of wounded vet Nick Vogt:

boston 6

boston 10

As you can clearly see, they are not the same guy.

If you wish to continue with the disinfo campaign of denying victims in this mass casualty event, just take a look at a couple of these photos. That one girl has her leg blown off and laying beside her. In another image, the victim from the wheelchair is lying on the ground and you can see his leg, the supposedly fake wound, all the way up to his ass. In one photo you can see what appears to be his shoe and foot lying next to another victim.

You will notice a pattern in these wounds: they are lower extremity wounds and the victims are in close proximity to one another. This is extremely consistent with bombing victims. The closer they are to one another, the more similar their wounds are in location on their bodies. This is not the kind of detail “Crisis Actors” planning teams would be capable of scripting. They would go for the more dramatic as opposed to sticking with physics.

boston 7

boston 8

boston 9

As I have stated, there are cases where certain events seem to have been staged… this is not one of them. Anyone (like this ass) (and this ass) suggesting that Nick Vogt, wounded veteran, is involved in faking this event, should immediately retract that statement and apologize for it.

Disinfo agent Phil Jayhan would be pleased, but no one else will.


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UPDATE: As an answer to one of the reader’s question, the photo below is posted…

boston 13

Source: Willy Loman

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