FBI Caught In Their Own Timeline Trap

April 29th, 2013

(BeforeItsNews) – The following story came in to Beforeitsnews from a very concerned American, quite possibly within the law enforcement community. Do with this information what you will. This email has been copied and pasted below unedited by Beforeitsnews. The implications are profound.

The reason the FBI have not released security camera footage of suspect (at FORUM 755 Boylston Street) is because there are multiple security cameras trained on that location and it is exceedingly difficult to convincingly photo shop their fairytale from multiple angles:
1. on Lord and Taylor building corner
2. multiple cameras across the street on the !st Republic Bank
3. the traffic camera with the best view and the closest on the traffic light pole/bar inter(t)section Boylston and Ring Road
4. god knows how many others
…there are praying everyone sent in their photos and nobody is hold out waiting to pounce on them fabricating evidence…THAT IS WHY IT IS TAKING SO LONG.
14:37 Both brothers can be seen (time stamped security footage) coming onto Boylston Street from Gloucester Street ( they are blocks away from the finish and the sidewalk not clogged with spectators (walking at about 3MPH or 264 feet per minute)…
… they stop (about 125 feet after making the corner) in front of the Steak House (address 867 can be seen on the photos not cropped by the FBI) and loiter there until at least 14:45 according the the FBI.
… they were not watching the race as, rather they were admiring the open mezzanine (south) across the street while they talked to one another… the younger on the left (west) of the older a couple feet east of him.
… ODDLY, they are in the center of the original (uncropped) pictures left to right and top to bottom of the many pictures taken of them there (no one supposedly knew they were the future bombers at that time yet were across the street taking street level, not security camera, pictures of them?).
… Subsequent pictures, of them there, have been cropped to remove the address above and to the left of them as well as the plague and fire hydrant connections on the wall behind them (like the FBI Special Agent said, only look at the pictures we provide or you will be distracted… from the fable they are telling) to provide the illusion they were at the second bombing site (when they were not… and below is why, to pretend the Lord and Taylor security camera is filming them at the FORUM while the were actually together only at the Steak House a block further west… that is why the photo’s are being cropped ever smaller.
14:45 – the younger brother is photographed waking in front of the older and continues east on Boylston (headed east) in the direction of Fairfield Street (which he must cross to get to 755 Boylston, the FORUM (over 600 feet away).  There are no pictures of them walking there together.  The sidewalks are much more crowded the closer to the finish line (beyond Fairfield and Exeter Streets).
… walking at 3MPH it would take less than two minutes to get the FORUM (755 Boylston), the side walk is much more crowded the closer to the finish line one gets, so the younger brother was likely/lucky to make 2MPH (176 feet per minute) placing his arriving there ALONE at 14:47 (the reason there are no pictures of the older brother there).  The older brother continues to loiter on the 800 block west of the younger brother and likely meandered towards the FORUM (scoping out the place or waiting for further instructions).
… mindful, its another 600 feet further east from the FORUM to the site of the first bombs (more on that below).
… there are no pictures of the older brother at the FORUM with the younger instead they communicate by phone and just before the younger starts walking west (having placed his pack on the ground on the east side of the tree) less than a minute before the bomb detonates he is photographed looking looking west neck stretched to see over the crowd and is smiling (upon seeing his brother) who never went any further east than that… that picture was taken at 14:49.
… the investigators cut down the tree (because the side that has damage is inconsistent with where they younger brother places his pack on the ground, the actual bomb was on the other side of the tree (that is the reason the father, mother, son and daughter were injured but the two girls right in front of the younger brothers back pack were not – they were shielded by the tree because the actual bomb was on the other side).
… there are no pictures of his brother passing through what would be the site of the second bomb, headed east to 699 Boylston (the address of the LensCrafter immediately behind the first bomb site)… nor are there any pictures of him headed west from the LensCrafter (before or after the second bomb exploded).  That is until just before Fairfield Street (30 feet behind his brother in the iconic picture taken by David Green, and posted on his facebook page, of the younger rounding the corner of Boylston and Fairfield 125 feet west of the second bomb sight.
… there is not enough time for the older brother to have left 867 Boylston, after his brother at 14:45 and negotiate the crowded sidewalk over 1200 feet (one way) to the site of the first bomb (that exploded prior to 14:50) and be photographed 30 feet from the corner of Boylston and Fairfield behind his brother at 14: 51 after the bombs.
… the elder supposedly travelled 1200 feet east (walking nonchalantly) through ever increasing crowds, planted a bomb and then travelled 900 feet west (also walking nonchalantly)… 2100 feet in five minutes… before the bombs went off?  Yet does not appear any pictures or video doing so.  How many weeks will it take for the FBI to fabricate evidence of him being anywhere east of 755 Boylston… they have not presented any and its already been two weeks, photo shopping is hard.
The NYTIMES did a diagram of the bomb sites and show the first bomb was (told to them by the FBI) placed mid way between the road and the LensCrafters building (which is consistent with the explosion’s flash; but that doesn’t jibe with the detonation/burn mark a couple feet from the building as far away from the door as possible in the debris photos (clearly nothing fell into that spot as it was the spot of detonation, no broken glass etc); and then after they hosed down the sidewalk there is a chalk “blast seat” drawn on the ground a couple feet from the road.
… Oddly Paragraph #7 of the charging document issued by investigators and presented to the court and media state the first bomb was placed in front of 671 (the building next door to the the LensCrafter at 699?   Which begs the question, was there a forth bomb at the site of the first explosion (because they clearly have indicated there were three burn marks in front of the LensCrafter store… and how many pressure cooker bombs can you carry in a single back pack?
… How did the older brother know to dress like the Homeland Security/FBI/SEAL teams there all had tan pants, black jackets, black backpacks, several wearing black ball caps with a large white logo centered on it (the good guys? wore the white skull recognized as either seal team three and blackwateresque contractors)… just a coincidence.  Then again the suspected bomber’s back pack is not actually black nor does it match the thread count of the one touted as the one that contained one of the bombs (the FBI guys are wearing actual black back packs).


Source: Before Its News

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