Obama Picks Soros Crony to Lead NSA Probe

January 18th, 2014

(CNSNews) – When President Obama needs help, he can always turn to one of the Soros inner circle. In a speech on Jan. 17, Obama announced that his new Presidential Counsel John Podesta will lead a “comprehensive review of Big Data and privacy,” following the NSA privacy scandal that has dogged his administration.

What he didn’t mention was that Podesta is the founder of the liberal Center for American Progress. CAP has gotten $7.3 million from liberal billionaire George Soros since 2000 and was one of the keystone liberal think tanks founded after the Democrats lost the 2004 election.

Podesta was to have focused on the health care law and climate change issues, according to a Dec. 9, New York Times article.

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  1. Martin Timothy Says:

    Katherine Schweitzer was a Hungarian Jew, the only member of a family of fourteen to survive the Holocaust, last seen alive in Sydney Australia, December 22, 2006.


    She went public in the nineties on the television show Australian 60 Minutes, saying the Jew who arrested her and her family in 1944, had taken up residence on the same street in Sydney.

    November 30, 2006 an account of her arrest and internment in Auschwitz, went onto an email we sent to around five thousand e addresses world wide.

    Including to every member of both houses of the Australian Parliament, and every member of the Israeli Knesset. December 28, 2006, her body was found in a wheelie bin inside her high security Sydney apartment!


    According to Alex Jones, George Soros then in his teen years “cataloged” the possessions of Jews deported from Budapest at that time, we say he was “hands on” in her case, and that he had her killed to avoid the truth coming out.

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