Daily Archives: August 7, 2017

The Antiwar Conservatives, With Rep. John Duncan, Jr.

Rep. John Duncan, Jr. was one of just three Members to vote against the new Russia/Iran/North Korea sanctions bill. He’s also the last Republican in the House who voted against the 2003 Iraq war. Doesn’t being conservative mean being pro-war ? Not at all, as

What Pisses Me Off About The Google “Anti-Diversity” Memo

Controversy erupted last weekend when a Google software engineer’s memo discussing gender differences and diversity challenges leaked online. It didn’t take long for Google’s new Vice President of Diversity, Integrity & Governance Danielle Brown to issue her own memo to all Google employees in response

United Nations Security Council Meeting On North Korea Sanctions

The United Nations Security Council met to discuss and a new package of economic and diplomatic sanctions against North Korea, a response to its launch of intercontinental ballistic missiles. The sanctions package was crafted by the United States and unanimously passed by the Security Council