US Kisses Saudi Crown + Taliban’s Tet Offensive

Abby Martin’s Empire Update wraps up the last week in US imperialism: Biden breaks major campaign promise to punish Saudi Arabia for Khashoggi murder; US & France extend war in Africa; Bolivia and Venezuela defy US Empire; major bloodshed on the horizon in Afghanistan.
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Biden’s Feb. 26 strike in Syria was a crime, and risks major war with three countries. Abby Martin explains.
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Abby Martin responds to the outcry against Michael Che’s joke on last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live about medical apartheid in Israel.
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Amidst mass protests against their US-backed dictator, Abby Martin covers how the US Empire has determined the destiny of the Haitian people for generations.
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Abby Martin covers Biden’s first arms deals to major human rights abusers Chile & Egypt; another US military base in Okinawa, opposed by majority of residents, threatens unique biodiversity; militia puts US at crossroads of a new Iraq war; Ecuador’s presidential election defies US imperialism.