Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – Adventure of Our Future now Caged, Forlorn – 9-1-19

The End of Summer – Global Warming – Spraying the Skies – Giving Shows about All the Things that were Planned and Watching Them Come to Pass – Think-Tanks, Projections – Eugenics, Old Types of People Must Die Off, Darwinian Obsolescence – Julian Huxley, UNESCO – Club of Rome would Use the Term Democracy – War is Very Useful for Changing All Sides and Opinions – In a Strong Culture with Common Beliefs You Need Very Little Policing – Financing Wars, Taking Over Resources, Central Banks, Debt – Depression in Britain Post WWI; Massive Social Programs after WWII – Royal Institute for International Affairs – People Want to Believe that the Elite have Some Sort of Affinity for Those that They Rule Over – Gramsci; The Gradual Takeover of Culture through Education, Media, etc.; A Communistic Technique was Used – Hegelian Dialectic – Train and Change All the Time Until You have New Normals Across the Board – Changing Terminology; The Weather Underground – Rapid Study and Learning of Us through the Use of the Internet and Computers – Artificial Intelligence (AI) will Be Running Your Lives – Soviet System, Inflexibility of Opinion, a Mental Illness – Chinese Social Credit System – Bertrand Russell on the Credit System – Universal Basic Income – Bring in Rationing after the Next Crash – Inflation – Food is Energy (Fuel) – Eat Insects – Charles Galton Darwin’s book The Next Million Years; Manhattan Project – Cold Spring Harbor; Rockefeller – Reduce Us to Save Us – Movie, Johnny Mnemonic – C.G. Darwin on the Ability to Change Intellectual and Moral Natures through some Kind of Hormonal Injection – Bertrand Russell, Diet, Injections and Injunctions – C.G. Darwin on Parasitic Types – George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman; Man Must be Able to Adapt to a New Scientific Age; Those Who Cannot Adapt should Be Extinct – Those Who Plan and Implement the Agenda Always Do what They Say They’re Going to Do – The Club of Rome, Man is the Enemy – Gorbachev, Creating a New Religion Based on a Form of Earth Worship – Creed, Religion, Sustainability – People Wait for Experts to Tell them What they Should Know – JAMA Study on Maternal Fluoride Exposure During Pregnancy and Lowering of IQ Scores – 1960s, Sex without Limits, NHS Takes care of Unwanted Pregnancies – Public Relations Companies for the Royal Family – Prince Harry and Meghan Hire a Social Media Expert to Boost their Popularity – Queensland Govt Says it Owns Rainfall Once it Hits the Ground on Your Property – Britain has More CCTV Cameras than Any Other Country on Earth – UK, Lip-Reading Cameras that Will Force People to Talk ‘with Hands Over Mouths’ – BOE’s Mark Carney Urges Replacing Dollar With Libra-Like Reserve Currency – Australia Eyes Rush of Hong Kong Millionaires – U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) developing Policies to Respond to the Effects of Climate Change on DOD Missions, Assets, and the Operational Environment – Unconventional Warfare Training Being Staged in 21 North Carolina Counties, Army says – Universal Basic Income, Its Pros and Cons With Examples – Everyone is Talking about Free Cash Handouts – Upgrade Your Memory With a Surgically Implanted Chip
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Jeffrey Epstein, News, Censorship – Elements of a Movie; Sex, Subterfuge, Possible Blackmail, Possible Intelligence Agency Operation – U.S., Clashes of Different Groups are Often Orchestrated by Government Agencies – Communists; Same Type of Language Used with Social Justice – In Socialism the State is All-Powerful – Propaganda, Emotions – During the Cold War and Even During WWII, the West Kept the Soviets Supplied with Essential Goods, Weaponry – We Lived in a World of Shape Shifters; Uncle Joe (Stalin) became a Big Bad Bear – Class System in the Soviet Union – Disaster Movies; The Survival of the Elite; Movie, 2012 – Snobbery of Academia – Movie and Series, Kung Fu – Inaccuracy and Deception of Scientific Studies – Everything in the System Depends on Money; Gangsterism Runs the System – Money is the Biggest Con in the World – Bretton Woods – Gold (and Silver) Standard – Inflation – Going into an Anti-Human System – Opinions Must Be Standardized – The Values We Used to Have Kept Us Secure – The U.S. Took Over from Britain the Role of Policing the World; Toynbee said U.S. Would Run Itself into the Ground – Tangible Goods, Real Estate – Eugenics; Julian Huxley, Planned Parenthood; Transhumanism – Elite Believe Humans were Made Imperfect; Master Builder will Perfect It – Inferior Types Allowed to Die Off – H.G. Wells, A Modern Utopia – If You Lose Control Over Emotion, You’ve Lost Everything – The Boxer, Mohammed Ali (Cassius Clay) would Goad His Opponents in Advance of the Bout – Gaining Knowledge is a Battle; Gaining True Knowledge is Almost Impossible – Books Down the Memory Hole – Control Over the Internet, Tyranny – Behaviour Modification; Creating Trust in Government, Creating Perceived Value so Citizens are Willing to Give Up Something for What Governments Offer; Also Granting Coercive Powers to the State – Power won’t Give Itself Up – Club of Rome; Pollution, Drought, Global Warming, Famine; Humanity Itself is the Enemy – Barack Obama – True Right Wing would be Closer to Anarchy – Leftism, the State is God and Controls Everything – Brave New World, Aldous Huxley, Soma – The Country School of Tomorrow – People on Love Drug MDMA Still Know Who to Trust; Academics Live on Grants and Churn Out Reports – Sacramento Salon Owner Claims Californian Homeless Crisis is Forcing Her to Relocate – Total Cultural Warfare – Gramsci – Contamination – Tech Firms Must Give up Their Awkward Secret – Humans are Listening and Spying on You – Trained Not to Even Expect News Also: (Alan Watt) – Cutting Through The Matrix – The Experts Declare The Future is Planned, Decided – 8-18-19

News is All the Bad Stuff to Attract Readers, Get Ratings – Systems are about Control – Big Business – Causes have been Weaponised by Those Who Control the System – News Grabbers, Sensational Stories – Socialism, Soviet System – The State, as H.G. Wells said, has to Become God – According to Articles from Think-Tanks, Club of Rome, etc., Democracy has had its Day – Movement Towards Eliminating Free Thought – Aldous Huxley, Sedating the Public with Drugs – Mental Strobes – WiFi – Trained to Listen to Authority Figures – You’re Supposed to Think for Yourself – Carroll Quigley on Debating; The Expert to Counter Unauthorized Voices – Gary Allen, None Dare Call it Conspiracy – Documentary, Starsuckers; Taught to Worship Celebrities – Governance which is Over National Government – U.N; Stakeholders – The Overlay of this System is Eugenics – Darwinian Clubs; Malthus – How the Peasants are Seen by the Elite, by the Aristocracy – Letters Exchanged Between Aldous Huxley and George Orwell – DNA Alterations, In Vitro Fertilization – Chinese Social Credit System Coming to West Under Different Guises of Fighting Terrorism, etc. – Sock Puppets – Social Media Set Up to Do the Judging – Obama Administration, Rumsfeld Congratulated Obama for Continuing the Wars – The Parties All Serve the Same Master – Tyranny Removes Barriers Until You have Horror on the Go – Prescribed Drugs – Electronic Fields and Affects on the Brain – Don’t Get Whipped Up by Emotion – The Conflict is Desired to Push Through Changes – Post-Democratic – Your Personal, Private, Computer – Public Relations – Everything Politicians say is Written by Scriptwriters – Latin American Drug System with its Incredible Viciousness – Look Out for Your Family – Eventually the Only Defense You’ll have is Your Mind – The Savage in Brave New World – Austerity, Bank Bail-ins – Elite would Love to Have a Rationing System – Crisis, Crisis, Crisis – Club of Rome, Man is the Enemy – Australia, Reserve Bank Considering ‘Extreme Measures’ to Save Economy, Quantitative Easing – BIS, IMF – Trade Agreements; China Given Free Access by the World Trade Organization (WTO) – How China Gets What it Wants from American Companies – Service Economies – Harvard Creates Advisory Panel to Oversee Solar Geoengineering Project – Stratospheric Aerosol Injection Tactics and Costs in the First 15 years of Deployment – Could Dimming the Sun Save the Earth? Bill Gates Wants to Spray Millions of Tonnes of Dust into the Stratosphere to Stop Global Warming – Ex-Fed Boss Greenspan says ‘There is No Barrier’ to Treasury Yields Falling Below Zero – Our Meatless Future: How The $90B Global Meat Market Gets Disrupted – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Debate Issues Relating to the Environment; Fuel to Heat and Cool Yourself; Meat Consumption – Organic Food Snob Appeal – President Bolsonaro Tells Brazilians to ‘Poop Every Other Day’ to Help Save the Environment – Canada Joins Christchurch Call to Action to Eliminate Terrorist and Violent Extremist Content Online – Canada’s Digital Charter – Scotland’s GIRFEC (Getting it Right for Every Child) – Always Wanted the Right to Psychologically Test Everyone Throughout Their Lifetime – Behavioural Insights Teams (BIT) – Drop Age of Consent to 14, says Academic (2007) – France Votes Against Setting Minimum Age of Sexual Consent Amid Backlash – Drive-in Sex Booths Proposed for Berlin’s Historic Tempelhof Airport – Lawyers say Epstein Victims to Sue Financier’s Estate this Week – Child Victims Act – Going into a New Phase of Austerity; Inflation; Devalued Currency – Keep Calm.