Alan Watt (Dec 25, 2018) Merry Christmas, 2018

Topics: Christmas – Visit my website for Christmas Compositions from Past Years – Destruction of Sunday Family Time – Crass Commercialization of Christmas – Going into Debt at the Time of the Year – Supermarkets No Longer Humane – Factory Farming – Signs of Austerity and Decline into Third World Status – Sexual Pollution of Television, a Technique of Control – Those Who want to Know are Already Asking the Right Questions – Be Quiet and Listen – We’ve Been Living Through Continual War – Internet Surveillance – Before 9/11, CIA Looking at What Folk Were Reading in Libraries – Almost a Sin to Say the Word Christmas – Real Charities – Religion – BIT, Behavioural Insights Teams – When the State Becomes Big Brother, Big Mother, then Horror is Down the Road – Communism, Secular Humanism – Don’t Be Freaked Out by the Agenda or Spend Your Whole Life on the Internet – Get Back into Normalcy – Christianity Gave People Basic Rights – Terrorism – Always Think for Yourselves – A Time to Reflect and Forgive – Goodwill – Arrogance and Intolerance – Bolshevik Revolution – Don’t Follow Fakes – Be Your Own Champion – Milner Group, RIIA – Switch Off Sometimes; Have a Break – Marketing; Bernays – Sexual Revolution, Abortions – Punished for Saying what You See – Orwell Warned Us – Constitution of the United States of America – Christian Commandments – Mao was Only Afraid of a Big Idea – Religion is Innate within Humanity – Orwell’s 1984 – Spirit – Christianity Gave Hope to the Individual – Don’t Despair.