Alan Watt – The U.N.’s Holy Orders Demand Depopulation, Slave-Training by Education

July 23, 2017 – “Cutting Through the Matrix” with Alan Watt

Topics: Beginning of a New Chapter – Years of Social Indoctrination – Age of Transition – Repetition – Consensus – Plato on Entertainment – Fake News – Slang Matches on Twitter – Meat is Bad, Farming is Bad – Eating Insects for Protein – NAFTA Renegotiation – Lord Milner Group, RIIA, CFR, Pacific Rim – Three Trading Blocs, Three Parliaments – European Union – CIGI in Canada – Socialism is Scientific Management of the Public – Scotland, Advocate for Every Child – Psychologically Tested Throughout Life – WWI, Depression, WWII – Herd Management – Freemasonry – United Nations – Mandated Austerity – No Private Vehicles, Agenda 21 – Canada’s Aggressive Pro-Abortion International Aid Policy – No Kids, No Cars, No Meat, No Flying! – U.N. Urges Meat and Dairy-Free Diet – Sustainable Development at the U.N.’s High-level SDG Action Event on Education – More Scenes of the Apocalypse from Al Gore – Time to Put Ourselves Back Up on the Pedestal.