Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 12-17-17

How Many Fingers do You See Winston?

News Handouts from Corporations – Living Through an Age of Escalating Madness – Bureaucrats – The Class System – Totalitarian – Belief Systems – Enlightenment – Intergenerational Revolutionaries – Common Culture – The Fabian Society – Reshaping the World – Socialism – Media Only Shows the Fallout but Doesn’t Tell You the Cause – The Alchemy of Language Used by Initiates – Symbology of the Hermaphrodite – Satire Can Be Suicidal – Nihilists and Atheists are Always Let Loose on the Public – Going Along with Politically Correct Agenda to Survive – Investigation into Lindsay Shepherd Affair – Gender Neutral Pronouns – Mutant Mosquitoes to Eradicate Zika – Science is Our God – DARPA – Insect Allies for Food Production – FCC Net Neutrality.