Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 3-25-18

“Many Love their Servitude, Propaganda-Smitten, Think They’ve Choices, The Future is Written”

Topics: Life’s Ups and Downs – Limited Choices for Heating – Milner Group – Unified World System – Multiculturalism – The Books I Have Written Offer a Unique Perspective on the Agenda We’re Living Through – – PNAC – John Bolton – People Like to Participate in Being Conned – Elevating Scientists to Star Status – Dominant Minority with Scientists Beneath Them to Manage the System – Julian Huxley – Eugenics – UNESCO’s Aims – The Role of the Teacher – National Education Agency – Humanist Manifesto – Trained by Hollywood to Follow the Stars – George Clooney, Council on Foreign Relations – The Mess of Britain; Stabbings and Shootings – Relaxing Punishment for Pedophiles – Chaos is Used as a Strategy – You Remain a Child if You Cannot Look at the Negative – The Resilience of Students with an Immigrant Background; OECD – United Nations – 29 per cent of 15-year-olds in UK Immigrant Backgrounds – UK, Surge in Drug Gangs Triples Number of Albanians in Our Jails – The Organizations that John Bolton is Affiliated With; a Bulldog for War – Fabian Society – White Privilege – To Sir With Love – Don’t Be Afraid to Look at the Negative.