Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 4-15-18

TOPICS: Routine Weather Modification – Syria – The Time it Takes to Plan Wars – PNAC Countries to Take Out Including Libya, Syria, Iran – Excuses Given to Attack Countries – Looting Artifacts – Blair and Iraq War – General Wesley Clark, List of Nations to Take Out (Democracy Now) – Lord Bertrand Russell, Can Do More with a Brass Band than Decades of Education – People Feel Like They’ve Been Let Down by Those They Backed – Ever-Changing Names of Terror Groups – Libya – Propaganda – People React Emotionally – Jeremy Corbyn – Your Natural Instincts are Used Against You – We’re Used Over and Over Again – Desmond Morris – National Pride, Aggressive Armies, Tribes – Jeanne Kirkpatrick – Swiss Lab says ‘BZ toxin’ Not Produced in Russia – Jack Straw and Tony Blair, Plans for Multiculturalism – Facts don’t Matter – Genocide.