Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 4-22-18

Resident Groundhog – Weather Control is Routine – HAARP – The Culture You are Given is Carefully Thought Out – Worldwide Standardized Education – Natural Acceptance of Tribal Systems – Money Hires Protection for Rulers – Governance is So Remote from Your Reality – Politicians Lie to Get Elected – Supra-governmental System of Ex-Politicians – Carroll Quigley – Council on Foreign Relations – Royal Institute for International Affairs – IMF, World Bank, BIS – Single Currency – Foundations, NGOs – Cecil Rhodes, Alfred Milner, Lord Rothschild – Secret Societies, Jesuit-style Training, Find Weaknesses Through Confession – Adam Weishaupt Bragged about the Fools who Followed Him – Taxing Labour is a Form of Slavery – Flooding Countries with Immigrants – Angst Groups Formed Just for You – Old Greek Movies about the Gods on Mount Olympus who Played with People for Their Amusement – The People Never Knew They Were Being Used – Lord Bertrand Russell, Credit System – Even in Communist China, Class System is Alive and Well – China, the Model State for World – Social Approval and Disapproval, Punishment and Reward – Trump, Neocons, Perpetual War – New World Order – You’re Only Going Through a Little Journey Here – John Pilger’s Documentary, The Coming War on China – Bureaucrats are the Same the World Over – We Paid to Move Manufacturing to China – The Mess of Britain, Stabbings – Centre for International Governance Innovation, CIGI – CIGI’s World Refugee Council – The Digital Economy – Britain’s First WhatsApp Fingerprint Conviction – This is the Prison You’re In – Facial Recognition Software – The White Helmets – Corruption in Britain’s Police Force – Decriminalization of Drugs, Canada.