Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 5-20-18

Topics: Standardizing Viewpoints Across the World – Given Emotive, Distracting News – Death Toll Goes Up in Palestine – Incredible Ostentatious Display of Royal Wedding – Soros is Tesla’s New Bondholder – Agenda 21 – George Soros wants to Pay More Taxes – Another Tesla Bursts into Flames – Trump May Reopen Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiations – $21 Trillion Lost Under Guise of US National Security – The Age of Dope – Soma – Apologizing and Virtue Signaling – Aurora now Largest Cannabis Grower in World – Britain’s Life Satisfaction Survey – EU Commission on Tackling Online Disinformation with EU-wide Code of Practice – Alexa will be Built into All New Homes from Lennar – Ex-IDF Intel Chief: By 2025, Constant Satellite Feed will Aid Targeted Killings – Hell on Earth Coming Down – Google’s Selfish Ledger, a Vision of Silicon Valley Social Engineering – Nunavut, Canada, Children Dying from Lack of Decent Care.