Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 7-15-18

Battalions of Foundations, NGOs Unelected, Reshaping Cultures, Mostly Undetected

Topics: This Century of the Great Transition – Taught to Emulate What We See on Television – Living Through Controlled Change – Go to My Website to Order My Books and Discs – The Current State of Alternate Media and Radio – Old Documentary on 19th Century Conditions in England for the Working People – Lack of Sanitation, Cholera – During the Boer War, the Poor Physical Condition of the Troops Frightened the Elite into Feeding them Better – Poverty in Industrial Britain – Diggers, Communism – The Brute Nastiness of Real History – India’s Class System – Real-Time Studies of Us with Electronics – China is the Model State for the World – Many Ways to Get You to Conform – Lifelong Education – Curtail Electricity Use, Raise Prices – Bertrand Russell on a Token System – A Society Based on Privileges – Mind Your Place – Intellectual Snobbery – Coyotes Yipping Away – Forest Fires to the North of Me – We Live in a Very Precarious System – Money – Companies that Train Non-Governmental Organizations – Psychological Persuasion – Aldous Huxley – Bernays – CFR, Council of Councils – video, The Even Older Plan for World Gov’t. You’ve Never Heard Of – WiFi, 5G Wireless – Self-Policing, Political Correctness – The Dangers of Cell Phones, Wireless Microwave Radiation – ‘Prostitutes, Orgies’: Ex-Wife of Former Maori Leader says He Led a Paedophile Ring – Eugenics, Depopulation, Euthanasia.