Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 7-22-18

“Genetics Must Lead to the Eugenics Czar, Who’ll Decide Your Fate if Just Below PAR”

Topics: Fires in Northern Ontario – Privatizing Essential Services – Greed in the Medical Profession – Carroll Quigley – Julian Huxley, Eugenics – Euthanasia – Pushing the Next Phase, Sex Between Adults and Children as Long as the Children Consent – Political Correctness and Hostility When People are Presented with an Unauthorized Viewpoint – Bertrand Russell – Sir Thomas Huxley, Darwin’s Bulldog, the Champion for Darwinism – Standardization of People – Communitarianism – Statistics – Science, Humanism – Control – Trained to Choose Material Goods Over Having Children – UNESCO – Dystopian Futures with the “Right” Kind of Breeders – Promotion of Promiscuity and Elimination of Bonding – Kinsey’s Studies Funded by Rockefeller – Julian Huxley and Transhumanism – George Bernard Shaw and H.G. Wells Founding Members of Fabian Society – Eugenic Ideas Put Across in Entertainment such as Star Trek – Genetic Manipulation – Vaccines having Terrible Reactions with Some People – Some Heroes are Monsters when You Really Look at Them.