Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 7-8-18

“When Men do Band in Secretive Combinations, Confessions May Lead to Heavy Persuasions”

Topics: Fear is Good Tool for Obedience – History is Written by the Victors – Conspiracy Theories – The Power of Those Who Take Oaths – Secret Societies – Chatham House Rules – The Internet – What Patriot Radio Used to Be About – Psychopaths in Business and Politics – British Empire System – The Commonwealth – History is a Horror Show – H.G. Wells – Fabian Society – Foundations, NGOs – Most People Absorb Information via Osmosis – Free Trade is Not Free – Soviet System – Academics Spent the Last Year Testing Whether Your Phone Is Secretly Listening to You -Violence and Gang Shootings in Toronto – Schools in U.K. Banning Skirts – UNESCO, Gender-Neutral Language.