Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 8-19-18

Social Approval, Disapproval. Oh! The Enormity! Academic Web Police Coercing All to Conformity.

Topics: Please Remember to Visit My Websites and Support the Talks with Your Orders – The System We’re in Today is Conformity – Data and Too Much Data – Politicians from all Parties are Selected and Tested – News, Propaganda, Behaviour Modification – Non-Linear Thinking – China, Conformity – The Elite have Always Studied Forms of Control, Eugenics – Beehive, Symbol of the Perfect Society – Using the Poor Folk as Cannon Fodder – Abuse – The Crowd, Peer Pressure, Shaming into Conformity – You’re in a Scientifically Designed Nightmare – Population Engineering and Climate Change – Altering the Jet Stream – Club of Rome – Geoengineering – Restricting Who will have Children – Hold onto Your Humanity.