Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 8-5-18

Genetics Must Lead to the Eugenics Czar, Who’ll Decide Your Fate if Just Below PAR – Part 3

Topics: Eugenics – Perpetual War Since 9/11 – Tony Blair – Afghanistan, Opium – Private Organizations, U.N., IMF, World Bank – Parry Sound 33 Forest Fire – Privatization of Essential Services – Maurice Strong – Long-term Plan to Bring in Windmills – Communism, CFR, RIIA – Indoctrination, Teacher Tool Kits – The Role of Genetics – Julian and Aldous Huxley – Assisted Dying – George Bernard Shaw Spoke of People Having to Justify Why They Should be Allowed to Live – Tyranny – The History of Psychiatry – Crisis Management – Blasting During Fan Ban for Construction of Windmills (Green Energy) Caused Massive Forest Fire – Carbon Taxes, Climate Change – Socialism, Eugenics, Sterilization – Greece Bankrupt, Lack of Firefighting Equipment – Agenda 21 – Euthanasia.