Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – December 24th, 2017

(Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk) The Social Experiment
“Behold Sanity Flowing Toward the Drain Directed by Experts in Maiming the Brain, Better Not Speak of Collateral Damage, Death of Civilization, Culture–Savage!”

Machiavelli – Draining the Swamp – The Idea of Governments – Armies are Used for Private Conquest for Corporations – Revolutionary Movements – Feudal System – Factory Towns – Utopian Movements – Materialism – RIIA, CFR – Free Trade – China – Lobbyists – Corruption – Society is Post-Family, Post-Religion – Scientists are the New Priests – Real Government is a Big Business Plan – The Manchurian Candidate – Trudeau Government Gag Order in CIA Brainwashing Case – Canada and Net Neutrality – Censorship – U.S. Sanctions – Global Magnitsky Act – Universities and Promotion of Agenda – Civility and White Institutional Presence, Critical Whiteness Studies – Apple iPhone – China Gives Google and Facebook an Ultimatum – From 2006, CIA Stepped Up Data Collection and Analysis Based on Bloggers Worldwide.