Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 1-20-19

Obey, Take Your Drugs, Sex will Calm All Anxiety, Behaviourism and Neuroscience Run Planned Society – Part 2

Topics: Everything Today is Incredibly Politicized – Cult of the Personality – Everyone is a Corporation These Days – Gillette, Toxic Masculinity – Adam Curtis, The Angrier People Get, the More They Click Away – Gillette, Cheapening Blades so People had to Buy More – Light bulbs – Planned Obsolescence – Family-Run Businesses – Corporate Raiders – Old Morality that Kept Cultures Intact – Book, The Corporate Man – Milton Friedman, Greed is Good – Advertising that is All About You – Narcissism – Movie, Idiocracy; Doctors Point at Pictures; They are Not Interested in Family Histories – No Point Complaining to Agencies and Companies – Societies of Winners and Losers – Military uses Anthropologists to Study Cultures – Teacher’s Tool Kits – Peter Hitchens, Loss of Past and Values – Margaret Thatcher – Gorbachev spoke about the Perceived End of Communism – China, Conformity – Thomas Jefferson said When the Same Agenda Continues Regardless of the Party in Power, then Know You are Living Under Tyranny – Tony Blair – The Deindustrialization of the UK – People don’t Ask the Right Questions – We’re Not at War, It’s a Policing Action – Perception Management – George Orwell’s 1984, Who is the Enemy Today? – Middle East Oil – Russia – Propaganda – History Must be Taught the Way it was Pre-Planned to be Taught – Milner Group, RIIA – Carroll Quigley’s books, The Anglo-American Establishment; Tragedy and Hope – Quigley talks about the Group Grabbing Resources in Africa – Socialism in Britain – The Youth are Always Catered to with Sex and Hedonism – Quigley wrote about Networking Circles – CFR, U.N., World Bank, BIS, IMF; Debt Creation – Austerity – Earth Worship, Sacrifice for Planet Earth – Aldous Huxley – Lord Bertrand Russell, Socialism – Libraries Weeding Book Collections on a Massive Scale – Orwell’s Memory Hole – Most People have No Reason to Question Anything – Hold on to Your Mind.