Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 1-27-19

Socialism is Our System, We’re Society’s Saviours, Profiting While Experimenting with Novel Behaviours.

Topics: Time is All You Have – Spielberg on Television – Mind Control – Weaponized Entertainment, Movies, Children’s Books – Bertrand Russell said that Eventually Anybody (the Controllers) will be Able to Convince Anyone Else of Anything – Council on Foreign Relations – Unification of the Americas – Lloyd Axworthy – Top Owners and some Journalists are Members of CFR – Carroll Quigley; Politicians are Pre-Selected; Top Members of Every Party belong to the CFR – The Future is Planned – George Orwell – Extremely Cold Temperatures in Canada – We don’t Get Winters Now, We Get Polar Vortexes – 9/11, the Pearl Harbor Event that was Needed – Central Bank System – Music Business, Show Business – The Trends of Music are Part of the Culture Industry – 1950s, Rebellion; the Marlon Brando, James Dean types in the Movies – 19960s, Revolution; Bob Dylan – Give the Youth a New Idea of Purpose – Drugs are Important to Those Who Rule the World – Flooded China with Bales of Opium – George Orwell’s Father; Involvement in Opium Business – Opium Touted for its Medicinal Uses – U.S. in Afghanistan – Taliban had Banned Opium – Australia’s Drug Problems – CIA and Drugs – Sex and Drugs used as Weapons Since Ancient Times – The Formula of Drugs, Alcohol, Promiscuity, Abortion, Infanticide; Then Your Country is Overrun – Gramsci’s Idea of Subversion from Within Used in Britain – Fabian Society, Use of Unions – Democracy as it is Promoted to the Public; Segments to be Used like Tools – The U.N.; the Individual is the Greatest Threat to this System – Takeover of Folk Music by Communists – Yuri Bezmenov – Old Values, Morality – Peter Hitchens, on Russia after Communism – Massive Debt Incurred by Everybody – Usury – Buying Cars on Credit – Convenience and Loyalty Cards – Bernays, Change the Consumer to Suit Your Product – Everybody is a Slave Borrowing Money All the Time – Even Dentists Offer Loans – 2008 Crash – Banks Hardly Pay any Interest on Your Money – People Trained to be Egocentric – Behaviourists – Australia as a Test bed for Certain Things; Revellers, Amphetamines, MDMA – Sodom and Gomorrah – Greece, Bacchanalia – Transgender Axe Attacker Flew into Drug-Fuelled Rage after Failed Date – Tilray, The Marijuana Billionaire Who Doesn’t Smoke Weed – Tilray Board of Advisors, Lloyd Axworthy – Israel’s Cabinet about to Approve Cannabis Exports – New York Legislation is “Celebrated” that Allows Abortion Up to Day of Birth.